Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 22nd

I'm not wasting a whole lot of time breaking down this Sharks/Kings series.. I"ll get to a lot of the talking points tonight on the Dave in the City Podcast. 

But, as was alluded to, I returned to the Penalty Box Bar for the game last night.  A much more somber affair than in months past.   This was a middle of the series game in the middle of the week in the middle, between some other big events at Staples Center.  There were zero events schedule at the arena tonight, no thanks to the jokers who are the Lakers and Clippers.   Put all together, it was a much much lighter crowd at LA Live's ESPN Zone than we're used to.

Within this trip to LA Live, we had some highlights...

First of all, getting there was always an adventure and I took Olympic Blvd this time out.   Weird shifts of bursting speed followed by dead stoppages.   Most of that was dictated by the traffic signals.  A good commute though and a nice way to get downtown.

The Spinach (and not advertised artichoke) dip at ESPN Zone is still VERY tremendous.   I went after this during most of the game and even for some of the Bruins/Rangers game beforehand.

Beer specials were cut and dried -- I went for the Sierra Nevada on tap.  Boy is that good beer! Is that good beer?  For a stock level, mid grade beer you can get at any store, SN on tap is the pinnacle.   Stupidly, I realize now that Sierra Nevada is brewed in NorCal:  *NOT* a good show of solidarity for the Kings.   This is akin to pounding barrels of Budweiser during the last series against the Blues.

Spinach dip was ON... beer was ON... Kings were far from on, but again more on this on the podcast tonight.

The games room, akin to those carnival games or Chuck E Cheese games, had all the machines set to free play tonight!  It was *on*... I went over to the full size basketball hoop game and started pounding jumpers.   I steadily worked my way to a 20 point game.  It took many attempts during the second intermission, but I got it!  You really have to jump for those hoops in the regulation size version of the shoot-out game.

I also tried the NFL passing contest game... you know the one?  It has the three holes and one hole is smaller than the other one, etc.   The little hole was 50 yards, the bigger one was 30 yards, and the biggest one was 20 yards.   I started off with around 80-90 yard scores for each 2 minute drill.  Then I hit a zone, and got the 30 yard hole a lot.  Aaron Rodgers would dominate this game, I know it!

The crowd was pretty good, but sparse.  It got rowdy as the Kings were finally getting scoring chances in the 3rd, including the well received but still cautious cheers for their first goal which cut the Sharks' lead in half.

Then, the Sharks finished off the Kings and won the game.  The Penalty Box was deadly silent.   Just staring at the TV going "damn, we lost again" but without saying a word.  I don't think any of us were crestfallen or anything... well, most werent.  I was, big time.

I was depressed as all hell... but I went back to the NFL machine anyway and kept throwing tiny footballs into the machine's cubby holes.  I had a high score of 270 yards.   Good times.  I was so depressed that I wanted to stay at the machine and throw the little footballs until they kicked me out, but as it was Tuesday I thought better of it.

So I drove home and even parked in the driveway, when I realized I only ate chips and dip for dinner.  That's not much of a meal!  Earlier in the morning, I discovered, get ready for this, a WINGSTOP location only blocks from my house!  Do the dance!!!!!  I had  been trying to eat wings at a wingstop for years, and their commercials are all over TV.   At last there's one within reasonable driving distance.

So I called the Wingstop, because it was 10:30 at night and I thought there was no chance they were open... but lo and behold, somebody answered!

Then I thought "but its already so close to their closing time of 11pm that they wont even want to take my order" so I said to them "Ah don't worry about the order, I dont want to keep you waiting so I'll try tomorrow."

Then!  The guy on the phone enthusiastically said "Oh we have time!   Go on ahead and make an order."

So..... I made an order.  I ordered a half dozen wings combo, all with the standard hot buffalo sauce, and fries, and a drink.  Affordably priced.  GREAT wings.

Could not even believe how great the wings are... I was more depressed than I'd been in months due to the changing tide of the Kings' season, but those wings were a major pick-me-up.

I have a friend from Buffalo who says Wingstop is his favorite wings outside of Buffalo.  Strong words!

I'm serious though, Wingstop is PHENOMENAL... completely made my otherwise depressing somber night.

What do they do with the fries?  It feels like they're sprinkled with crack cocaine.   They use some seasoning I can't describe but it's phenomenal.  I was still pretty full so I just had a few and saved the rest.

It's nice to know that the convenience of Wingstop is now at my fingertips.  Do the dannnnnnce...

Quickie time...

Why is Hellman's mayonnaise no longer called "Best Foods?" Have they conceded themselves as ordinary?

Deep Dish in Los Angeles is my latest obsession.  Not to eat, just to find.  I'm  still surprised to see Deep Dish nowhere to be found, and let's face it, BJ's doesn't count.

The sauce is very good at Wingstop -- its not a vanilla (so to speak) buffalo style sauce.  Much more involved, with more seasonings.. its amazing, and it feels  non-corporate.

Good stuff... why is my throat sore and scratchy now?  Uh oh...

Chat with you all soon!  Have a good one. 

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