Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 17th

I can't concentrate...

Can you believe the Kings' comeback last night?!  See for yourself:

Vlassic giveth and Vlassic taketh away.   If the Sharks held on, there would have been so many Vlassic pickle puns used in the headlines today.   Instead, the Kings leave SJ flabbergasted.

I'm shocked as well... I still don't know how the Sharks could give up two goals that late that quickly.   With that said, the Kings had some amazing shifts after the 10 min mark of the 3rd period.   Tyler Toffoli in particular had a MONSTER 3rd period.   Who knew that a rookie could show so much poise and heart in a big playoff game?   Big moment for Toffoli.

Kings now up 2-0 in the series, but as we saw last week with St. Louis, the series is far from over.   Games 3 and 4 are critical for the Sharks, and if they get Game 3 they're on their way to making this a series for the ages.  I know I said the same thing the previous two games but *this* game I really think San Jose is going to win.  If they're losing these games, they really aren't losing too much.  And frankly, it looks like they figured out Jonathan Quick too.  Scary stuff, long term, for the Kings.

We also need Stoll back... Brad Richardson hardly did anything last night in relief of him.

Toblerone chocolate is the best.  THE BEST.  It's a triangular shaped roll with little pieces of chocolate that do wonders in your moth.  Try it!

Would you eat a hamburger if it had a piece of chicken on it?

The season is over but congratulations to the Warriors for a tremendous season!   Great effort and heart against San Antonio in the Semis.  Now the Spurs move on and face the Grizzlies.  The Grizzlies beat the Spurs in the offs several years ago and I think this year's team is much better, and more experience in a sense.   Should be a fun one between SA and MEM.

Maybe this would be a good day to go get that cookie I talked about so much last week from NYBD in Santa Monica.  Oh to think that I'll be a little closer to that place in a few weeks.  I'm excited just thinking about it!

More quickies...

What club would have invented the "Club Sandwich?"  It had to have been a specific one unless a bunch of places independently just came up with the same sandwich.  That would seem impossible.

Does that club also have the Club Potato Chips and Club Soda.. WAIT A SECOND!

I mentioned it on yesterday but have you all noticed that Quiznos, the sandwich shop, is slowly dying?  Store locations around me are closing too.   It's just not good enough at being anything.  The sandwiches ARE good but other places make them bigger and better.  The prices aren't through the roof but other places give more value and cheaper prices.   The ingredients ARE fresh but other places do their 'wiches more nutritiously and with better meats, veggies, and cheeses.

Quiznos is essentially in no-man's land.  For years I never could motivate myself to go to a Quiznos because my need that day was filled by another nearby sandwich shop.  Say, I wanted to go Italian... Bay Cities handled that well.  I wanted cheap... Subway was way cheaper than quiznos.  Say I wanted the oven roasted/meatball treatment.  A local Italian place called DiVita's makes them better AND cheaper.

I don't know how much longer Quiznos has as a company.   It's a little sad, but not terribly surprising for me to see them go this way.  There was one location, in particular, that was in Santa Barbara for over a decade.  There is *no* way its still there now; I wouldn't think so.

DROID X2 is the worst phone decision I've made yet.  Android is not the error here... Andriod is TREMENDOUS... the hardware is the problem.  I intend to get this rectified during the fall when I switch to a Samsung Galaxy S4.  Do the dance!

Apple promised the next big announcement, and they still cannot get the announcement *out* yet.  Can you imagine?

Would you be in position to memorize your credit card number?  The entire thing, all the digits... imagine if you knew that information and the security code on the back.   You could go and buy from any online shop out there and still be protected from pick-pockets.  That's exciting to think about.

Does your laptop ever get the blue screen of death from time to time?  Scary feeling.  I've had it twice, maybe three times in the last five months.  Scares me to death!

I've been to a Dodgers game now twice this season.  This would be a good time to check out the jokers of the OC, the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles.  In due time...

Feeling a little spent but remember this:  any presentation you make today will be automatically better than the "Star Wars Holiday Special."  The more you know about it, the more awful you realize it is or was.  How did they get *all* of the principal talent to agree to joining that program?  Who puts Bea Arthur in a Science Fiction program?   You wouldn't get these kind of train wrecks on the Jerry Lewis telethon!

That's all from here... Happy Friday!

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