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Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 14th

Captials fans, I owe you one...


Fifteen Years ago today, the NBC Hit Sitcom "Seinfeld" aired it's final episode across the country.   I remember the mixed emotions about the way they finished the program.  It was... very strange.  Very unexpected, perhaps underwhelming.    I was sad though... that was my favorite show growing up, and it really had its moments through the very end.

Seinfeld really did have a big impact in our every day lives.  ...and it was so funny!   Who couldn't get a kick out of those jokers?

Oh baby, you wouldn't believe it... last week I spoke with my Dad on the phone and he invited me to see a Dodgers game against the Nationals.   I thought it was a great idea, even though the Dodgers were terrible (are terrible, what am I saying?).    What I forgot to do was think ahead to the schedule in case the Kings made the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Now if you remember, this was after Game 1 of the STL series and I thought they were done anyway.

Well!   As luck would have it, the Dodgers game and the Kings game, are BOTH tonight.  Oiii... bad job on my part, but I don't want to let my pop down nor his friends who are going to the game.  So, I'm going to head out to Dodger Stadium unless someone else decides to take my place.  I prepared myself just in case -- I drove the car to UCLA instead of taking the bus, and even got a perfect parking spot.  I'll be ready to go.

Wow huh?  I was so hyper about that Sharks/Kings Game 1 and I won't even get to see it!!  Instead, I'll bring my DROID X2 and *hopefully* find a radio broadcast of the game to tune into while I watch the Dodgers get blown out by the Nationals.

Dodger Stadium would win some major brownie points if they used one of their two giant scoreboard screens to broadcast the Kings game while the Dodger game was in progress.   It'll never happen -- I bet 75% of the people at Dodger Stadium could care less about hockey anyway.   I bet they could care less about baseball too ZING!

Hahahahahahaa, I don't usually tweak fans of my own team but let's face it... a good percentage of people who go to Dodger Games don't even go for the baseball.   They go for the hot dog, the beach ball, the peanuts and the cotton candy and the organ and the "take me out to the ballgame" song.   They also go for the promotions.

What are the top three things that draw people to the Dodgers game?

1. Bobblehead Night -- Grade A number ONE reason you see people go to Dodgers game.  If it was in a survey of "things most likely to draw fans to a Dodger game" it'd be #1.   You throw a bobblehead out there, even of the peanut guy at the stadium, guaranteed sellout.     Incidentally I try to avoid the stadium on Bobblehead nights -- it is a zoo during those games.  So busy!

2. Blanket Night -- Just in case you thought Bobbleheads were the only draw, not true.  Blanket night is big time amongst the Dodger Stadium faithful.  This is actually good value too.  If you were to get to a Blanket Night at Dodger Stadium, you'd get some quality fleece.   Those blankets are really tough, durable, warm, everything at once!  Yet, not that thick... very good blankets and you get to go see the game too.

3.  Almost anything else other than the baseball -- Beach Ball hitting, the "guess where the ball is under the three caps" game, the 7th inning stretch, the anthem, chatting with friends, the Dodger Dogs, nachos, the Wave, trivia contests, and a whole lot of other little things I probably missed.

Now, EVENTUALLY, after all these other items set in, the Dodger Faithful key in on the Dodgers game on the field.    If it's tight late or if there's a big rally, Dodger Stadium can get riled up.  At its best moments, Dodger Stadium can be louder than any rock concert or monster truck rally.   Playoff games, for instance... I remember being at the ballpark with my Pop to see the Dodgers eliminate the Cubs in 2008.   That final at-bat against Alfonso Soriano where I believe Saito (not sure)  struck him out was as electric as any game I can remember.

Dodger Stadium, it's one of a kind...

Now speaking of "Monster Truck Rallies", are you guys getting a load of that clown who DOES THE PA ANNOUNCING for the Memphis *GRIZZLIES!*?   Every damn play is announced like those Monster Truck SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY Promos.  Hell, maybe it's the same guy that does the Monster Truck promos!

Guy goes to the line for free throws.  "TONY ALLEN **STEPPING TO THE LINE** FOR TWO *FREE THROWWWWWS*!"

Guy makes a routine jumper.  "***ZACH RANDOLPH!!!!   FOR TWOOOOO!!***"

There was *one* time I remember the guy using his regular voice.   It was during a replay review when the Grizzles played the Lakers.  He went "The play is under replay review..."

Then, after the review...

"...after the replay review, the ***officials rule THAT THE PLAY STANDS AS CALLED, GRIZZLIES BALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!***"

but, as my colleagues all said to me, this is still only the second worst PA announcer in sports when compared to the Miami Heat "Dos Minutos" PA Announcer.  

Why is it that every time I try to watch a Grizzlies playoff game I start to fall asleep?  That can't be a good sign.   The exception was the Clippers series.

I'm really really sorry for the City of Toronto... I don't root for anyone to lose that way.  My goodness, that was heart-breaking.  

Eastern Conference Predictions...

Last night I was being a joker and claimed the Bruins would beat the Rangers in 5 games.  That's a little over-the-top.  I have the Bruins winning in 7 games.   Would it go any differently for those opportunistic jokers who call themselves "Bruins?"

Pittsburgh vs Ottawa:  Ottawa really showed me something in the first round.  I was dead wrong about Craig Anderson, at least this year.   I also am not convinced by the Pens defense nor goaltending at ALL, but, with that said, Vokoun slotted into Goal for the last game or so and really showed some improvement at the spot.  Really, anyone would over Marc Andre Fleury.   I think this should be a good series, and I think I'll go with the Sens in 6.   This would hardly be an upset.  I just don't like the Penguins.  I am SHOCKED to see them with a #1 seed.  They do *not* look that good.  Their defense isn't that good, and they have better goaltending, but it's not that great even with the 'koun.

So to summarize, Bruins in 7 and Senators in 6.

Other stuff...

A blockbuster album is rare these days, but Justin Timberlake's new album is IT.  Pretty good... I suspect it's doing well on the charts too.

I haven't watched an episode of "The Big Bang Theory" in weeks.   I missed an episode a few weeks ago and it's been a struggle to catchup.  I may, at some point, but the show has gotten so conventional lately that I haven't been motivated to keep pace.

It's become... The Big Bang and a Half Men.

Or, the Two and a Half Theory

Or, Four Guys, a Girl, and A Laboratory

Something like that.

It's too bad the Bulls couldn't give more than they did against the Heatles.  Ah well.. I liked their energy, though.  I think they're out of gas, though.

One thing I like to get at In-N-Out:  Double Meat (or Double Double), Animal Style, Extra Pickles.  Did I mention this already?  Ah well, it IS that good!

Stop the Presses!  ESPN is Talking about *hockey!*  Whoah!!!

I think that's all I have.   Stay cool my friends.  See you all tomorrow.

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