Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 20th

If there *ever* was a reason to root for the Sharks to lose, it is Jim Rome.

Rome has been big on the Sharks since the playoffs began, evidenced by his CBS Sports Minute.  Would you believe, Rome does his *own* blog on his website?  They are carbon copies of the segments he does on his radio show.   If you were listen to a show, record it and then play it while reading one of these blog entries it would be the same script.


That sounds *exactly* like something he'd say on his show.  You guys thought Ozzie in Woodbridge was staged!  I got to read it before the "pay wall" kicked in, but your fate may be different.  I *refuse* to pay Rome a dollar for that rubble.

So!  Point here is, don't expect that little lemming to deliver anything objective regarding a Sharks playoff series.

My only concession so far is that the Sharks have outplayed the Kings in Game 2 and 3.   I feel extremely nervous about the Kings' chances now, but Game 4 is ahead.   The Kings have two more days to prepare and then we'll see what happens.   I would *absolutely* give the Sharks a chance at winning four straight games in this series.

It would be really hard to do, but it's possible.  The Sharks took down Jarret Stoll and the Kings' stability in keeping the puck out of their own zone took a bigger dive after the fact.  Worse yet -- Stoll is done for the series.  He can't shake his concussion symptoms.  Sad news there.

Onward, because nobody else in America cares about this series, as judged by the lack of comments on it.

More quickies...

Would they consider putting sporting events on PBS?  The major advantage here is that the games won't need commercials.   They can start with smaller events, like judo, or wrestling and equestrian, but I would hope they can move up to bigger sports like baseball, horse races, and others.

I really think this is the Blackhawks' year.  They lost on Saturday but I really like that team.  It's also an easy team to root for.   If they survive Detroit, I don't see anyone else stopping them.

Great win for Ottawa last night!   I was listening to the Senators' broadcast of the game on radio, and it was full of unintentional hilarity!   Those guys really thought the whole NHL was out to get them.  It was such a riot.   Great news for them, the Senators gutted out a tying goal with 30 seconds left, then finished the deal in double-overtime.

How long can a cookie keep?  I bought a cookie for a friend on Tuesday, but it's Monday now.   Is the cookie still good?  I didn't refrigerate it.

Yes, sports fans, I washed my lone dish tonight.  I'm keeping all the dishes clean this time, opting for the paper plates and cups as I prep my move to Santa Monica.

Congratulations to my cousin for graduating with a Bachelor's in Psychology.  Way to go!

The Counter's ideas with building one's own burger are inspired, but the patty itself almost never is.  Yesterday, my parents, my family, and I met at a place called "STACKED" in the Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks.  They executed the same customization techniques as the Counter, but flame broiled their burgers, and allows its customers to order with an ipad.

I think it's a neat twist with technology but pretty damn confusing.   How would you tip such an operation?  Nobody's actually taking your order.  Nonetheless, we allotted the 15% tip and thought nothing of it.

Anyway -- the patty at STACKED is tremendous, and the burger overall was great!  Highly recommended if you like the Counter but want something more out of your customized burger.

You ever get a backlog of gift cards?  Those are good days.  I still have to spend a $10 Target card and I just received a $10 Starbucks Card as an early birthday present.  Can't wait to dig into both!

I got a haircut yesterday.  I gave up all of my Kings-related superstitions.  I thought, this whole thing is silly.  I don't need the Kings to win a championship this year, and I may as well give the Sharks an equal chance at it.  What the hell?  I gave up the kebabs a week ago, and went with the haircut yesterday.  I feel a lot better!  That hair was weighing me down.   Nice to have proper equilibrium again.

When hair starts to grow out, it gets in your ears and suddenly your brain is thinking "how do I manage with all this hair getting in my way?  How will I hear?"   I'm not cut out for long hair long term.

Don Mattingly is done, isn't he?  Well jokers!!  You guys are finally getting what you want.  The Dodgers will play with the exact same ineptitude that they did with him but ohhh it's so much better because you get your rah rah guy!  What a joke fans and media can be....

That's all from here.  Enjoy your day...

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