Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 23rd

Snap!  I almost forgot to write a blog entry today!

Not feeling amazing as I write this... it's possible by the time you read it I will be down with some form of small illness.  Probably just a cold.  Or it might be nothing at all.  I felt a soreness in my throat all afternoon yesterday and carried on with it during the podcast.  Everything seemed ok.

but it's hard to judge how it will carry into tomorrow.   I'll have a ruling one way or another by tomorrow's blog.


Actually that's about it for today.  I didn't even see the NBA game last night while I was doing the podcast.  I should be banned!  BANNED!

I would be hot to trot for this series if Indiana offered some juice, and last night, they absolutely did.   Now I wonder if the Pacers shot their wad, and I lean towards "yes."

I did however find one way to make it fun.   I am hypothetically wagering money for each game straight up.   I will bet on the Heat every game and if they win I will increase the bet.   Essentially it's like when you play craps, then hit a number, and let all the money ride on the next point.

Last night I bet 20 imaginary dollars for the Heat to win the game, money line, so -450.  That means I won nine dollars!  My imaginary gambling account now has 29 bones.   For game 2, I'm betting all 29 bones on the Heat to win... wagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiin.

I'm eager to see how well this goes.  I might consider betting the other team in specific circumstances, but not right now.   I'll have to check the money line for Game 2 that night to see what the return on a Heat win will be.

This exercise would have been more useful if i tried it from the beginning of the playoffs and *then*, after the heat lose, I would just take the amount that was wagered previously and try it a second time (so, a double or nothing scenario) as the playoffs rolled along.

I feel foolish for not thinking of this idea three weeks ago!

The Dodgers just won a series... BUT THEY DIDNT SHOW ENOUGH FIRE.  FIRE MATTINGLY!

I think that's all for now.   Have a great morning everyone! 

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