Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: June 19th

First of all, a Happy Birthday to Garfield the Cat!   35 years old today... that's a long long time in cartoons.

Now... what a game last night in the NBA Finals!  How exciting was that?  How frustrating was that for the Spurs?  It was just mesmerizing and shocking to no end.  I am not used to seeing the SPURS blow a game that way.   I'll get into more detail on the Dave Podcast tonight (blogtalkradio.com/daveinthecity).


Last night I divided the NBA Finals game experience into two parts.  Due to traffic, I watched  the first half at home so the traffic could die down.  Then, I went over to Tony P's in Marina Del Rey, the one and only, for the second half.

Great experience.  Everybody at the bar was into it!   I was surprised to see some healthy cheers for the Heat and Lebron, but most of the crowd, in fact a BIG contingent was rooting for San Antonio.  America loves to root against the Heat!

While I was there I ordered a Diet Cherry Coke, which is really just a Diet Coke with the red cherries and the cherry juice they use for cocktails.  This is, as a matter of fact, superior to a plain "Diet Cherry Coke" you would get at the store.  Why?  Freshness of the cherries and juice, plus the mere fact that a red cherry is in the drink.  Any time you're at a legit bar, try for a Cherry Coke... you'll be plesantly surprised.  Sometimes they use those dark cherries, ooh those are REALLY good!

That was just the beginning.  I also ordered the "Dockside Cheeseburger."   I had a bad experience with a bleu cheese/bacon stuffed burger last time so I made a compromise.. I asked for their regular cheeseburger and added bacon.  Well, wouldn't you know, they cooked the burger medium and then put the bacon on the patty FIRST before adding the cheese.   I've never seen this before.   So the cheese is actually above the bacon, creating an adhesive seal on the bacon strips to the patty.   How about that?  It's pretty revolutionary!  Up to now, I haven't seen anyone else try this.

...and it works!   Boy was that burger delicious... oak grilled, medium, really juicy and the bacon strips were not falling off the bun nor crumbling at the edges.   I'm into it!

Who is Jesse Williams and why do I care about his stupid phone?

I mean eff that guy... I was so excited to get a Samsung Galxy S4 in two months and this guy is doing what he can to make me buy something else.  What a tool... millions around the country are considering different phone choices thanks to that joker.  It's so bad I may consider.................................. gasp........................... an *iPhone*.   I mean SERIOUSLY with that nonsense.  Seriously!!!   Samsung needs to consider another outlet to showcase their product, it is so much better than this.

If you think American interest in the National Soccer team is overblown, you haven't been to Grant Park.  Ooooh baby!

People wonder if I'm writing some of these loopy lines on purpose.  I'll be honest... I couldn't be that clever if I *tried.*   The Action Bronson thing was leaning in that direction but I had no clue what "Action Bronson" was.   It sounds like "Detective Comics" or "Agent Zero" or something.   Who knew he was a rapper?

and this is what I write without drugs or alcohol.  I fear for my sanity if I ever get involved with recreational or other substances.

Synthesized music as it was in about 1981 was perfect for me.   It doesn't *sound* refined in any way, but it just hit home.   Once we got into samplers and digital FM modulated noises, it got too robotic... too perfect.   Oddly, the music of today incorporates synthesis much more organic than anything I've heard to date.  I rather enjoy it too... but pre-digital synths always did it for me.  Something beyond the rudimentary oscillators of the Moog but before the Yamaha DX-7.   Prophet 5!   The synthesizer that spoke to me more than any other, something like that.

You know who else was big on the Prophet 5?  Peter Gabriel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  See for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1E6gA7iYCWs

I want to get my... REM on...
I fought the bed and, the bed won
I fought the bed and, the bed won

There's just six hours til the, next sun
I fought the bed and, the bed won
I fought the bed and, the bed won

I'm tired... catch you all tomorrow!

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