Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: June 5th

What a night in Los Angeles!

Huge Kings win, but if that isn't enough, how about Yasiel Puig taking over the talk of baseball!?

He had a great debut game the night before, only to follow up with not TWO home runs.   Each one just as epic as the last.  This kid really has it going on!  What a great moment for the rookie Yasiel Puig.  There were questions: was he ready for MLB?  Kid is *ready!*  What a great game for him last night.

I was really surprised to see him take off nationally.  I knew most of us Dodger fans would have fun with it, since we didn't have much to lose and Puig had been talked up all spring training.  Then he steps to the plate and some fantasy owners pick him up to fill out roster spots.  Before you know it, MLB Network is tracking the game pitch by pitch.

Boy has Puig delivered so far!  Now he's pretty much all that twitter is talking about with baseball.  I couldn't be any prouder of the guy.  All I do is watch the stinkin' games, he's the one making all the excitement!

If Kemp gets healthy again, it's easy to just let Ethier fight for a 4th outfielder spot and let Puig take over.  Hopefully the Dodgers will catch on to Puirger Fever.

I'm also really happy about how the Kings did last night, but I've bored most of America with Kings stuff these days.   They needed a win, and they got it.  I'm glad they finally found a way to win a game against the Blackhawks.  Once the series is over, I'll be relieved that they had enough to take one from Chicago.  It's not a complete loss my friends.

My brain is tiring so a few quickies to finish today's entry.

My intention last night was to go to the penalty box, but I'm really glad I didn't.    The traffic was so bad I quit half way and settled for a pizza bar in Culver City called "Rocco's Tavern."   I really like the place.  Unfortunately, I liked it too much and I was riding a half gallon full of beer... once I got the tab I started yelling and slammed the pen down with excitement.  Then the pen flew out of my hand and onto the ground.  The bartender was right in front of me when it happened, and he looked pretty scared afterward.

I don't think they'll want me back.  I was excited!

It was also fortunate that I was stopped in Culver because Rocco's put on the Dodger game on every other screen while the Kings were playing.  If not for that, I'd miss Puig's first home run.  Rocco's really has the knack for sports... mad props to them.

The Penalty Box bar is great, but they shut out ALL OTHER SPORTS in their bar at ESPN Zone.   The only way I'd see the Puig HR at the penalty box would be to find it on Youtube after the fact.

Ever have coca cola for breakfast?  Tried it once as a substitute for coffee but its not the same.  It's cold, for one, and it's not nearly as caffeinated.   Really doesn't have the same impact as coffee.

Traveling ten miles in los angeles in rush hour is as good as impossible.  Cut your losses and quit part of the way.

I am beat!  I had like 64 ounces of Sierra Nevada last night.  Worth it.

That's all from here, catch you soon!

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