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Dave's Thoughts of the Day: June 6th

Most of the time on here I write what I thought of last night's game or what I did.  Today I'd like to answer some questions for you:

Dave Medina's Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you like "Subway" so much? 

I grew up on it.. I remember the commercials when I was a kid for the $1.69 meatball 6 inch sub.  My Dad and I would go there in the early 90's, and it felt like such a revolutionary thing.  "Oh no way, the guy gets to put the ingredients in one by one exactly how you want it?"   They also used to have the sandwich boat deal, where they'd cut a V out of the bread and stuff the meat and cheese into it.  I gotta say, it used to be better quality ingredients.  Maybe it was just the prism of youth, but for some reason I remember it being tastier, but to help aid the difference in quality, I always ask for the oil and vinegar than salt and pepper, and I'm sure to request onions.

Dave, seriously, there are *way* better sandwiches, why are you so loyal to Subway?

It's not a true-blue loyalty, to be fair.  I think that's a little overblown.  I just don't think it's the wretched hive that many others out East think it is.  It is what you pay for, no doubt.   My *favorite* sandwiches are actually from other places:  the Godmother at Bay Cities in Santa Monica... spoke about them before.  I like the Roast Beef hoagie esque sub (although with cheddar cheese) from Victor's in Palms.   I like the club sandwich (the one with the roast beef and the turkey and bacon) from Jersey Mike's.  Hell, I love just the plain roast beef sandwich from Jersey Mike's.  Phenomenal.  Far as normal two slices of bread sandwiches, nothing beats the pastrami sandwich from Langer's.  I think of Subway more as the gap-bridger between the more expensive sandwiches and dopey sandwiches I make at home using Roman Meal bread or something.

Why were you rooting against Teheran's No Hitter yesterday?

That wasn't rooting against Teheran or the Braves.  I was squarely rooting against that clown Chip Caray.  Dude can't call a big baseball play out of a paper bag!  What a joker HE is...   He couldn't even handle a clear cut game ending play in a division series on TBS.   Do we really want him ruining what should be a fine moment for a Braves pitcher?  I would feel bad if I was Teheran (apologies for spelling, not enough time to go to Google to check it) and that doofus belted some gibberish to punctuate my all time best performance.

What is your feeling about Ottis' return to the board?

No feel... it's still a message board either way.  --ah who am I kidding, it's fantastic!   I had it all wrong when I thought he was gone completely.   It's true what they say, sometimes you just need a break.  The reasons are not important.  Who knows?  He may have just returned for one day, but it was still good to see him mixing it up again.   That's all I have... I don't want to write up some enormous jinx or anything.

Will the Kings win tonight?

No.   I think they *can* win, but a lot of people are going to overvalue the Duncan Keith loss due to suspension.  This would yield a false sense of security for the Kings players and subsequently I feel like Quick could get blitzed.  Fortunately there's a Game 5 coming up either way.

Peaches?  Are they finally in season?

Resounding YES!   Last week, I went to the Kosher Market and found a few of them in a pile.   I was still unsure of the peaches but I got them anyway.  Once I got home, I took a bite and I was mesmerized.  Welcome back, Peaches!

Who is your favorite (female) swimmer?

It changes every year: such is the nature of a sport where your peak years are around 20-22.  Tough one... I mean in terms of actual swimming, it's obvious: Missy Franklin.  But you guys know where I'm going... you want to talk about the complete package... excellence in swimming, personality, charming good looks.  For the moment, I'm leaning Lauren Perdue.  Back in the Olympics she TURNED DOWN an advance from LeBron.   That took serious guts... its one moment, but damn that was great!   She's also a cutie.

How could you sell out on Chloe Sutton?  HOW DARE YOU!

I haven't!!!   She's obviously a great personality and a gorgeous woman.   The problem is, she hasn't had enough of a presence in the Olympics (yet) to really make a splash, in so many words.   She didn't even make the Final of her one pool event.  But bear in mind, that was her first pool-related Olympics so there's still much more to come!  Perdue has a gold in the 4x200 Free she got in 2012... Iono.

Are the Bruins winning it all bros?

It would seem that way, but I'm staying with my original prediction... Blackhawks are the team.   It's been a Blackhawks kind of year, and I think if they survive this setback with Keith, they'll be fine.  I  see no reason why their defense can't lock down the Bruins too.  The Bruins rely on puck control to get any kind of an offense... the Hawks are way too fast to let them have it.   Between the two, I also have Corey Crawford as the better goalie over Rask, by a smidge.

Are you doing this Q&A format due to the lack of actual Random Questions on the podcast lately?


Why don't people go into Podcast Chat anymore?

Ohh, that's not a question for me to answer.  It's not really in my hands.  My goal every week is to put on a good show and set up some nice banter with the guests and the Junk-Man.  I feel like we continue to maintain this standard of excellence.

Isn't it self serving to ask questions to yourself and then answer them?

Yes, but I'm bored with the previously used "make inane observations about everything" format... I felt I was due for a "grins/adjusts mic" moment.   For whatever reason it's getting me to think up better ideas too.   I'll go back to the regular format tomorrow.

Is there a real difference between 7-Up and Sprite?

Yes!  Sprite is sweeter, but 7-Up has more fizz in it, aka carbonated water.  Subtle differences that 90% of the universe wouldn't even notice, but I tend to like 7-Up more between the two.  It tastes more "real."

Would you watch MTV if it went back to showing music videos?

No way.   A TV station is no longer the appropriate outlet for music videos.  Why would you go to a TV channel for videos when you can just dig them up on Youtube?  It's way easier, more instant, and even has less commercials.  Anyone who keeps moaning about "why can't MTV be like the old days when they played videos?" is missing the point of evolution.  Technology is such that we can now avoid the middle man and queue up any video we want!  New, Old, big artists or little.  It's quite tremendous.

Thoughts on the new Panera Bread opening in Westwood?

You kidding??  This is amazing!  Do the dance!!!!  I saw the sign on my way home and I was doing a mental jig in my head... woo hoo!   At Panera, they can't miss.  Roast Beef sandwich, it's a hit.  Bagel, it's a hit!   Cookies, they're hits!  Coffee, it's a hit, although more of the slow climber variety hit.  Think of them like "Lifehouse" or "Daughtry" or "The Fray"... they don't get that high up on the chart but man they hang around *forever.*

Seen any good movies lately?

Last movie I saw in the theater was "42."  Big fan.   There are a few that are out that I may check in-to.  Epic is said to be pretty good.  They're telling me that Star Trek: Into Darkness is good, but I'm skeptical.

Who are you *rooting* for in the NBA Finals?

Heat.   The Spurs could stand to lose an NBA Finals for once.  They're currently 4-0 all time in NBA Finals appearances.   Nonetheless, this is going to be a very, VERY interesting series.  If the Spurs win, I'd be really happy for 'em anyway.  Pop is a fantastic coach.

You just sold your Marantz AND your Harman Kardon Vintage receivers... whats your next stereo?

If all goes right, it will be a NAD Integrated Amplifier.  Yes, friends, my Hi-Fi journey comes full circle!  My first ever personal stereo I purchased was a NAD C340 Integrated Amp back in about 2002 off Ebay.  It was bent on one end but it sounded great!  Looking back, I was a moron for selling it back.  It was really really good, and not that old either.  It was so easy to use, and sounded pure.  I can make it all right again by picking up either a new NAD or going for another used one on Ebay.

When will you go see Puig in person on the Dodgers?

Soon!  Might be Friday, tomorrow.  Braves are in town this weekend, and I bet I could find a nicely priced ticket.

Pizza of the Week?

Mentoined it yesterday -- the pizza of the week is Rocco's... they don't do slices, so make sure you can eat heartily!   The only thing is, they went a little "California" on us and put a lot of extra cheese on the pizzas.   Not a fan of this.  Gotta let the crust stand up on its own and let the sauce take over.   Cheese is usually a cop out to me, but the cheese itself is tremendous.  Just gotta tone it down, is all.

If Lauren Perdue and Chloe Sutton were in the same room with you, how do you play it?

There's always room for two.

Mitch Hedberg -- Legend?

Yes, next question.

John Tennant Construction Commercials haven't been heard on the WFAN Stream in weeks!   Any ideas?

Nothing positive on's streaming website develops intentionally.  Some goof probably swapped out audio files by mistake.   Immaterial at this point -- I moved onto the iTunes feed of WFAN, which eliminates the localized ads, thank God.  The "local ads" were horrendous anyway, and they also would repeat a specific ad 58 times in a row within the same spot set.  Oi.

Does Jeopardy write real answers for its game board or are they taking *questions* and just rewording them into "answers" to fit the format?

It's a total ruse.  Every one of those "answers" are just questions in disguise.  Here's one from last night:  "The Dodgers departed this NYC borough for the west in 1957"  So basically you mean "What NYC Borough did the Dodgers Depart from in '57 to go West?"  With a QUESTION MARK?   Does anyone answer actual questions with question like responses? 

Seriously though... if someone asked you "Who's winning Game 1 of the Finals tonight?" do you go "It's the team that hails from Miami and uses its name to refer to hot temperature"?

Let me break format for a second...

Game show responses usually indicate the intellectual quality of the game.

WWTBM:  "Astroscience, Final Answer."

J!:  "What is Newton's Fifth Law?"

Wheel of Fortune: "P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I think that's all I got.  Hope you enjoyed it...!

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