Monday, June 3, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: June 4th

Wingstop again last night.   Boy, I love those wings!   The sauce and the crispiness of the wings are top flight, no pun intended.

TNT has done a Marvelous job with their NBA coverage this year, no pun intended.

You ever try to dig into a lil Oreo Speedwagon.  *Nooo* pun intended!  (or is it?)

Gosh I missed Puig's debut, but he was dynamite!   Yasiel Puig, the man everyone talked about in the Dodger farm system.  His first at bat was a hit.  His last play on the field -- also a hit!  An assist that saved the game for the Dodgers.  Time to check out those highlights!

Let's hear it for USB 3.0, because regular USB is a format way past its prime.  You cannot make data transfers reliably on it at *all.*  It is slow!   It took well over 5 hours to copy 200 GB of data on a professor's laptop today.  That's abysmal... Now, when USB was invented, it was in a time when Hard Drives topped at 100 Megabytes, maybe 1 or 2 gigs at most.   Obviously we've grown quite a bit since then.

I'm also a fan of ESata.   Such a shame that I was reduced to such a crummy connection mechanism today.  I could have saved so much time with even a firewire connection on that PC, if it existed.

I just saw Puig's play!  He turned a double play by himself, essentially!  That was impressive!!  He made the catch in Right Field, then gunned it to first base for the final out of the game.  

Heat did what most of us thought they'd do.  They won convincingly in Game 7.   Funny how most people love to point out when a guy like me gets the prediction wrong, but here I get it almost exactly right and not a peep from anyone.  FUNNY STUFF FELLAS.  Bwahahahahahahahahaa... it was nice to get something right for a change.

I should clarify that this was regarding the single game prediction for Game 7.  I was way off on my series prediction (Heat in 4).  I did not get my college degree in sports forecasting.

I'm still curious about what Wade and Bosh will do in the NBA Finals.   It's still tough to rely on either one to produce consistently.  I will still predict Miam in 6 but I'm dying to see how the Heat react to the Spurs drive and kick offense.  On paper, it would be very easy for an athletic team like the Heat to defend those stations that shoot three pointers.  Pop's a good coach... I don't think the Spurs will be easy to topple in the least. 

I do like the idea of the Spurs finally losing an NBA Finals.  Take it from Western Conference NBA fans...

Blackhawks/Kings tonight.  This time the Kings get the game at home.  Is it just me or is the extra week of delay (caused by the lockout) killing some of the momentum of the Stanley Cup playoffs this year?   We're conditioned to see Stanley Cup Finals games at this time of year, but we're one series behind.  A small price to pay to get in a full playoff schedule this year post-lockout but I did find it very odd.

I haven't seen any of the games in the Boston/Pittsburgh series, aside from a minute of Game 1.    Pitt looks spent.  Really really spent, that took me by surprise.  What was my prediction again?  I think I had the Penguins in 6 or something.  Wowww... they lost both games at HOME to start the series, each one worse than the last.  Now they're going to Boston for Game 3?  Yipe!

That's really all I had for today.  I have full intentions of visiting the Penalty Box bar for tonight's Kings playoff game.  Even if the Kings lose, it should still be a lot of fun.  

Finally, some sad news for LA today.   I have learned that Hall of Fame Defensive End and former LA Ram Deacon Jones passed away yesterday.  My condolences and sympathies to the entire Jones family, and to the NFL.  What a great ambassador to the game and a good personality.  Farewell:

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