Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: June 26th

Crazy night last night!

UCLA dominated again in College Baseball.  They are now the champions of the College World Series.  Congratulations!

Dodgers beat the Giants, after clinging by a thread no thanks to Brandon League.  I can't stand that guy.  I really let out a big rant on the social media... I was acting in frustration.   Amazingly, the Dodgers won anyway, thanks to a big catch by Matt Kemp to end the game.  He's back, baby!

You know what else is back?   Fire Roasted Rojo's Salsa!   I was at Ralphs last night at 11pm, looking for peaches.  I found the peaches, knowing I had a 50/50 shot at them being good quality.  Then, I got some kitchen cleaner, and later I perused the salsa section.... I said "what if they have the Rojo's Fire Roasted Salsa?"  They did!!  Do the dance!

I got some chips to go with it, and then took it all home.  Boy was that salsa good.  I have a lot more of it to go, and a bunch more chips to eat.  They would have gone great with a Game 7 in the NHL, but no worries... a free night is still not a bad night.

I spent last night packing up all the bathroom items from my cabinets and drawers.  I got it into two boxes.  I was pumped up from that.   There was a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a bottle of peroxide, both way past their expiration dates, so I poured all the leftovers into the toilet.  Later that night, I took a whiz, and I could smell the alcohol reacting somewhat to the whiz... and I wondered, "I wonder what kind of reaction the urine will have with the peroxide and alcohol?"  We'll never know now!  I stupidly flushed the toilet as I was thinking all this.

I saw an ad from Citicards for "An Evening with Joe Torre" in New Rochelle.   I've had plenty of evenings with Joe Torre back when he managed the Dodgers.  I'll let someone else share the privilege this time.

Did you know that a Peach is about 60 calories?  Did you also know that an oreo cookie is 75 calories?  Imagine!   A tiny oreo cookie has more calories than a whole peach.   When I was a kid, I used to eat whole rolls of oreos.  Down the road, I learned what a mistake that was.. I got really fat.

Late nights on Twitter can get very unusual.... 

That's all for now!  Short entry today, but feel free to catch up on the last few days.   Catch you all tomorrow.

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