Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: June 25th

I'm writing this after an exciting Dodgers game, so this won't be very organized, but here we go!

First of all, congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks for taking down the Boston Bruins.  I *still* cannot believe how this happened.   I didn't see the game Live because I was at Dodger Stadium at the time, but I read all the responses on twitter after the fact.  Let's just say: it was *intense.*  Two goals in 17 seconds within the last 90 seconds of regulation to win the game outright.  That does not happen often at ALL...

Do the dance, Chicago!

Next, congratulations to Steve Darcis for beating Rafael Nadal in STRAIGHT SETS in the First Round at Wimbledon.  This kind of upset might be even bigger than a 16 beating a 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Next, congratulations to UCLA Baseball for winning Game 1 of the Championship Round in the NCAA College World Series.  All the Bruins have to do is win one more game in a best of three series to win the College Baseball National Championship.

That's about it for sports.  Time for some odds and ends...

The First Dodger Dog I had at the ballpark last night was even better than usual.  It was REALLY good.  It struck me that the hot dog was grilled even more than usual, which made the difference.  So!  The key to really good Farmer John brand hot dogs is to grill them even more than usual... you almost want them charred, practically burnt.  It's remarkable: you do this with their regular grade Wieners and you get some impressive tasting hot dogs.  Last night's Dodger Dog was no exception.  I put in some onions, mustard (yellow not brown this time) and only a smidge of relish.   Later in the game, I had a Dodger Dog just like it, but this one wasn't as overcooked.  And... it was good but not *fantastic* like Dog #1.

Sometimes, for a big baseball game, plain old peanuts are the way to go.

I also love the Cool A Coos, which again, are two oatmeal cookies with ice cream in the middle, then dipped in chocolate.   Now the damn things cost six bones.  WHO in their right mind is going to pay six Washingtons for a dinky ice cream sandwich?  I can get a box of THREE It's Its at the store for 3 bones.  Or, one dollar per sandwich.  It's Its taste just like Cool-a-Coo's do.   6x markup is way too much -- try again Dodger Stadium.

One of these nights, after going to a Dodgers game I'll make a run for it and head to the Original Tommy's on Beverly and Rampart.  It's a semi tradition our family *used* to do when our aunts/uncles/cousins lived in LA Proper... this was 20-30 years ago.  Go to a Dodger game, leave, then get in line at the Tommy's.  I heard Tommy's was even better in the 70's... I doubt that, it's the same stinkin' burger both times... same formula and everything.  The difference is either memories or the scarcity of the single location as opposed to the multiple locations we have now.  BUT... I will say this:  I contend that the original Tommy's at Beverly/Rampart cooks and serves their burgers with more craftsmanship, better showmanship, and more chili than all the other locations.  This is why I still go to the original one from time to time.

Dodger Stadium also has the baseball helmet full of frozen yogurt.  This is pretty cool but I'm always able to resist temptation for frozen yogurt.... well... that I can get at Souplantation as part of the $8.39 coupon dinner menu.  I could also go to Menchie's and get just the frozen yogurt for 3 bones.   Dodger Stadium wanted, I believe 5 or 6 bucks for their Fro-Yo.  Not *that* bad but I wasn't jonesing enough for it.

Frozen Lemonade... you know, it hit me that I hadn't tried some in a while.  When I was going to junior college at Oxnard College, I'd pick up a little cup of Frozen Lemonade at the local cafe there.  Those things were so good... Minute Maid Brand I believe.

Over the years I never felt tempted enough to go find a box worth of Frozen Lemonades, but after seeing some at the ballpark last night, it seemed worth my while to look again.  They're very good!  Regular or Pink Lemonade.

You know what?  I was looking for churros around the 7th inning.  I know either they do or did at one time sell the churros.   That would have been a nice dessert for the stretch run of the game.  I didn't have enough time to go find one.

Garlic Fries were tempting last night too, and I've spoken highly of them before.   I punted on it because by then I had two hot dogs and two beers along with a few peanuts.  My friend and I were really enjoying our munchies.  She also got the baseball cookie from the club level.  They let you stop on the club level IF you strictly go to the mini shop in front of the escalator.  You can't barge in on Vin Scully at the Broadcast Booth next door or make a run for it and pick off treats from the dessert cart.  Oh and you know I've thought about it!  Either there or at Staples Center, I see those big dessert carts rolling around the suites and I've wanted to just go and get a cookie to see if I'd get away with it.

I think it was the last time I was at Staples, to watch the Kings, I looked at the dessert cart and saw some people out in front of it... the cart was also right in the hallway, but the guy serving the treats watched everything intently.   I thought I'd just sneak in and ask for a cookie but then they asked what suite I was in... and I said "oh this one right here!"

Good one right?  The guy asked for my ticket, and I was hosed.   I asked "Can't I have one anyway?" but he said no.

Dodger Stadium has up to 5 people throwing out the first pitch.  I really think the honor of throwing out the first pitch of the ballgame lost it luster here.   Isn't it false advertising?  It *can't* be the first pitch if you're offering it to a fireman, a sales rep, a contest winner and then a celebrity at the end.  They all throw the pitch at separate times before the game.  It's nuts.

The last one to throw the pitch was the lady from "Person of Interest" on CBS.  I forget her name... Sarah?  Well, whatever the case was, she was a person of *my* interest, friends!  She throws the pitch, straight from the mound, which not everyone does, and it makes it all the way to the plate.  In fact, the pitch was so hard it was a little high and newbie Tim Federowicz makes the catch.   The lady then *runs* over to Fed and leaps onto him so he catches her for a full embrace.

......ohhhh I hope Fed's wife didn't see that!   Dude could be in trouble...

In the game last night, I saw Puig hit a home run in person for the first time!  He can... CRUSH the ball!  He went the other way with the pitch and it went **soaring** over the small right field fence for an opposite field home run.  You could even hear the "ooooooooooooohs" from the crowd when he hit it.  This kid appears to be on his way.

I actually saw numerous fans with Puig T-shirts and full blown jerseys in the stands.  Fellas!  He's played for three weeks!!!   Calm down just a bit here...!  How do we know he'll still be in the league in three years?

Whew, that was a fun night... back to the grind.  Catch you all soon!

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