Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: June 27th

Holy Hell, it is getting hot out here in California.

Weather has been fantastic so far, but the next three days, we will get our first truly hot days of the year.  I believe we're looking at temperatures in the upper 80s.  Whew!   Get those fans and air conditioners ready my friends.

Vin Scully last night on the Dodgers telecast denoted baseball as a "Strong Man's game", citing the herculean efforts of Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax in oppressive Houston heat.   It was a strong man's game once... today it's a pretty weak man's game.   Players *today* can stub their toe and miss a game.  It's a disgrace.

When you consider that 90% of baseball is just sitting around or standing around, it's inexcusable for jokers to injure themselves and get hurt as often as they do.   I love the articles that come out about a player doing something boneheaded between games to put themselves on the DL.  Like, many years ago I remember that Mike Metheny sliced the tendons on his hand trying to open the shrinkwrap on a DVD.  He had to go on the DL.  Hahahahahahaha, that is a *joke!*

Last night, it was Souplantation for dinner.  You won't believe this, but I ate very little soup that night.   I had more salad, some pasta, and I went to town on these muffins.  Then I grabbed some slices of sourdough bread.  It was *amazing*.  They did something to improve the bread... the slices are thicker, but the bread is fluffier, fresher, and with flakier crust.  I was mesmerized.

Souplantation had a strawberry theme this month.  Strawberries everywhere... strawberry shortcake, strawberry butter, strawberry salad, and the kicker, strawberry flavored sugar cookies.  I had to try one of those, so I went over to the kitchen and asked for one and they set me up.

Packing is going well... I now cleared my "shelf of memories," as I call it, and packed most of the mementos into a box.  I'm sad... the shelf was built into a dividing wall between the dining area and the kitchen, and it had a nice top to it where I could display greeting cards.   

A great apartment finds a way to allow for shelving and storage without the need for a dresser.  This apartment was great at that... I'm going to miss it.

I wonder if "Mentos" candy was named after the term "mementos?"   Remember those commercials?   "Nothing better but fun, fresh goes better in life, when Mentos freshens for your life.  Nothing gets to you, staying fresh staying true, when Mentos freshens for our lives.  Fresh goes better!  Mennntos freshness... Fresh goes better when Mentos freshens for our lives [ba ba bum].  MENTOS... THE *FRESH* MAKER."

I loved those commercials!!  Certainly the commercials are a memento in their own right.

I'm pumped up!  After that good memory, I'd best not soil it with any other stray thought.   Have a great Thursday everyone!

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