Friday, June 28, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: June 28th

The key to a good blog is to entertain, and to keep people guessing.

This morning, on my way to the office, I went to swim at the SAC building on campus, then left, and as I went out these two *enormous* guys were entering the building.

It was Dwight Howard and some other guy.

I swear it was!  You can spot D12's face anywhere.  Now I had nothing to say to be honest... by the time I realized who it was they walked past me.   The SAC building has the swimming pool, but they also have this full basketball gym upstairs on the second floor.  NBA players come out there all the time to practice during the offseason.  Sounds like Howard was another one.

What would I even have said to him?  "Anything I could do to help you get to Dallas or Houston?"  "Are you staying?!?!?" in a troll-fashioned comment?  "Have you tried souplantation?"

Best I could do was tweet about his arrival and let the other jokers speculate about his presence.   Let him play.

I have to admit, I'm chuckling as I think of this:  It would have been funny if I conveniently had a "Go" sign and showed it to him.  HAHAHAHAHAHA... oh man...  I would not have left the building with my face on.

I can't even come to grips that this really happened.  Go figure, I'm wearing the lime green shirt when this happens.  

All right, back to the other things..

Packed some more items last night at the old apartment.  I'm getting sad and happy at once.  Tomorrow I move in earnest.  I'll move all the little things, clothes, kitchenwares, other things, on Saturday, then on Sunday I move the furniture.  Then I'll clean the old apartment.

I *did* clean the stove last night.  People ribbed me pretty well about my oily oven over the years, and I did not think it was that bad.  Nevertheless, it's spotless now!  

Santa Monica will be a fun place.   I'm prepared for a lot of uncertainty as we go into the summer.   My first apartment with a room mate, in this case Coach.  New neighborhood, although a familiar one since I visit Coach's place to watch football a few times a year.

They have regular oreos, they have oreos with different colored fillings, they have peanut butter oreos, they have vanilla oreos, and they have strawberry oreos.  Oreo has covered all the corners, what will they think of next?

I'm really paying the price, literally for all those trips to Tony P's during the NBA and NHL playoffs.  June is a very expensive month for me.  I also call it "Birthday Season" because more birthdays in my extended family fall on June than any other month.

As for July, I don't think there are any birthdays of note, so I'll welcome the monetary relief.

Tonight for dinner, I'm just about out of food, so I'll have some soup and then eat chips and salsa that I have left over.  Then I'll clean out the fridge for good, and pack all the kitchen wares.   A bittersweet moment for the apartment.

Today for lunch I'm joining my staff with a Faculty Person who's about to retire at the Faculty Club.   Most universities have their own Faculty Club, a cabin or something with their own restaurant, meeting rooms, and even lodging in some cases.   Often times they have fancy dishes available and sandwiches, but I'm all sandwiched out.   I may get a burger, but not a regular sandwich.  I may try some fish, but I don't feel like they do a great job with fish.  I've been invited to other Faculty Club lunches in the past.

Know what I'd really like to eat on Saturday?  There's no chance at it, but it'd be fun: barbecue from Jim's Fallbrook Market.   I'll be too busy with the other things to make it though.

After moving the little thing son Saturday, I'll be joining some other work colleagues in Torrance at a place called "King's Hawaiian."   It's Hawaiian food... you might think "now wait a minute, that's the brand of Hawaiian bread at the store!"  It is, but they apparently have their own restaurant.  Who knew?   I don't really know about their other foods but I bet it's similar to other Hawaiian Barbecue restaurants... good Hawaiian chicken, macaroni salad, rice, and in this case, those Hawaiian rolls.

I think it's kind of ridiculous when people throw in a slice of pineapple into a dish and label it "Hawaiian" just because they added pineapple.   That's just as bogus as when you bake a chicken, add some KC Masterpiece, and then claim "It's Barbecued Chicken!"  Don't you think so too?

An eventful weekend awaits.   and speaking of Masterpieces, I'm due to lay another one on the bathroom in a moment.   Have a good Friday, all.

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