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Dave's Thoughts of the Day: June 24th

Here we are!

I had a *really* fun weekend with my family back in Oxnard.  It wasn't just in *Oxnard,* actually.  We were all over the place.   My Mom's birthday is next Tuesday so we celebrated her birthday with a whole sequence of fun activities from Friday through Sunday.

On Saturday, we hit the road to Anaheim, as we were due there for yet another Graduation Party.  Before going to the party, we spent a few hours at Downtown Disney.   It took two hours to get there from Oxnard, and I along with others were holding our bladders the whole way.

It didn't get that bad, and once we got there, while I was hurtin, I managed all right and got to a urinal at the Disneyland Hotel.   We then went to the Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney and the LEGO store.  My mom and the rest of us had a blast!

Then the party at Anaheim which was pretty tame, and a drive back home.  My parents went to their friends' house for another big birthday party for my Mom.  Apparently it was great!  My Mom got some sick presents *and* they went bowling in Camarillo.

While all this happened, my sisters and I went home and just relaxed.  I finally got the cable modem I wanted and shipped it to my new apartment in Santa Monica.  I also saw the Angels get blown out by the Pirates.  It was a scene at the Big A.  INTERESTINGLY!  When we got off the freeway earlier that afternoon, we drove right by Angel Stadium along Katella.

Let me go back to the topic of holding my bladder for a second.  Oh baby... have you ever tried to hold your bladder for a really long time?  That's dangerous!   The worst I ever had it was when I drank a ton of fluid, then drove from Santa Barbara to the Oxnard Fry's.  By the time I got there, I was so sore from holding my pee I could barely walk.  It's a minor miracle I didn't let loose right in the parking lot.   I made it.. and boy that pee just flew right out like a pressure washer.

There was another such moment at the Griffith Observatory... I was dyin!  Then after this long show about planets or something, I went to the bathroom.   Unzipped and leaked... it just went on and on and on and on and on..   A two minute masterpiece, I'd estimate.

Where was I?  Ah yes, Sunday.  Sunday the party continued.  Now, very often, my Mom would do all the cooking for a birthday party, whenever I or one of my sisters or my Dad had a birthday.  This day, all of us siblings got together and cooked for our Mom.  My sister prepped a nice salmon filet.   My older sister brought in some sides, potato salad, and these little SPAM rolls wrapped in seaweed... it looks like sushi but with SPAM.  My third sister was doing something, I forget what.  Maybe organizing things together and helping with the cake and dessert.

I was in charge of the fried chicken.   My younger sister (the one who did the filet), breaded the chicken legs and was going to fry the chicken but I asked to take over and she obliged.     So I was on fried chicken duty.  Got a pot full of vegetable oil and started it up.  Then I put in the chicken pieces, two at a time.   I wanted to offer great oil to surface area for the chicken legs.   They were coming out fairly well but not completely well done, so I had to put some back later on.  I started going 8 minutes for each batch, then ten, then 15 had it down just right.

My Dad comes over and sees me putting two pieces of chicken in the pot at a time and goes "We're never going to get done!   Can't you put five legs in there?"  I met him half way and did four legs at once.  I knew that this would reduce the relative oil to surface ratio, so I let them go a little longer, 20 minutes for a batch of four.  This was right on.   

My family ate away at the legs, including my Aunt's Family and my Grandparents, and they all raved about the chicken.  It was a hit!  Well, friends, you all know where to turn if you want someone to prepare the fried chicken.  Just leave it to the ol' Cow.  Good times.

We really had fun... I tell you, there were a lot of desserts at this party.  My mom LOVES ice cream and other goodies.  My aunt, recognizing this, brought in all this candy and ice cream and fixings.  Really nice of her to set up a mini Ice Cream shop on our wet bar.

Then it was time to do presents.  I got my Mom a most unusual gift:  a hot dog toaster.  I'm serious!  You can put in two hot dogs and two buns and toast them all at once.    She loved it!  She got a kick out of the gift and is looking forward to using it.

Then came the real fun.  We did charades and this one game where we tried to balance an oreo on our foreheads and then lean over and get the oreo into our mouths.. no hands.   First one to get the oreo in wins.   I'm happy to report I won!  I wasn't even trying to win... I just got the oreo on my forehead and wanted to see how it'd slide... then it slid right into my eye sockets!  Hahahaha, that made it a little easier, actually.  Check it out:

Noice huh?

Hey!  I've got some more good news.  Go to your local grocery store.  It's Peach Season!  I found a batch of stellar peaches out in front at the Oxnard Albertsons on Saturday.  They were amazing!  I hope there are peaches this good at the LA area Albertsons as well.   More to come...

Time for quickies...

I think these walks across the Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls, and what have you would be more exciting if it didn't take so long to get there.   Congratulations to Nik Wallenda for making it across........


Would you believe he didn't cross the actual Grand Canyon?   How about this?

Basically, he crossed a nearby gorge.  It's still quite dangerous, but slightly false advertising.   If you were wondering, my sort of death defying stunts include many cars, barrels and maybe a boat.    Jumps over 50 cars on a ramp are pretty intense... and usually you see how it ends in about 20 seconds.

Only a week until I move to Santa Monica  I'm starting to feel sad about leaving this apartment.  The apartment itself has been good to me.  Through good times and bad.  It hadn't hit me how long I really lived here... a lot has changed in four years.   I'll miss it.  I'll miss my neighbors too.

I saw a HUGE line outside the movie theater the other day.  Turns out, it was waiting to see "Monsters U."  I'll be shocked if it didn't take first place at the box office this week.

All we have now is baseball?  Aside from a Stanley Cup Final game or two?   I love baseball, but this is depressing news.

Time to catch up on some movies!

...after the move.   That's all from here.  Have a good Monday!

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