Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: June 20th

Today's got that special feeling in the air... it's Game 7 tonight in the NBA Finals.

A lot of times, especially in baseball, a Game 7 of a playoff series is a blowout, an uninteresting affair.   Fortunately in the NBA, Game 7's have all been nail-biters since 2-3-2 started in 1985.

1988: Lakers 108, Pistons 105
1994: Rockets 90, Knicks 84
2005: Spurs 81, Pistons 74
2010: Lakers 83, Celtics 79

The largest margin of defeat in any Game 7 since '85 was the 2005 series, and it was still only a 7 point game.

Even so, I don't expect a game *that* close tonight, but it was interesting to note how consistently close NBA Finals Game 7's are.

A friend of mine reminded me about E.L. Fudge cookies.  Oooh I forgot how good those cookies were.   I may give that a shot later.

I am really hankerin' for fruit punch today.  Why?  I can't figure it out.    Minute Maid Fruit Punch would be the ultimate.

Sad news regarding James Gandolfini yesterday.  In fairness, I've not seen an episode of "The Sopranos" but I can appreciate all the contributions he's made to acting.  I knew that back in its day, about ten years ago, "The Sopranos" was *the* talk of Cable TV.

Of course, now I go to read Wikipedia and I found out that "Sopranos" is just a glorified version of "Frasier."   I don't want to rain on a parade, but I found the synopsis humorous... guy organizes a big crime family, but also has to deal with everyday rudimentary lifestyle in between.  So the show is a little about a mob boss (a man's job akin to Frasier's job as a Psychiatrist) and a lot more about what he does off the clock I guess?

"On the next Sopranos... Tony organizes a coup of the narcotics ring and then tries to figure out what bathroom scale to get for the guest room."  Did I get it right?

All right, I'm clearly not qualified to discuss this program, but indeed a sad loss... he was good in other shows and movies too.

If you're walking around town in the LA area and you see some ladies motor in on scooters like a Vespa or something, get very excited!

Good times...

I'd often go to swim over at Sunset Rec or Speiker and you'd see packs of beautiful swim team ladies on these same scooters run down to the parking garage.  It was like a gang of a different sort.  I loved it!   Style!   Gorgeous in many ways my friends.

Souplantation offered me an email coupon so I could try out their strawberry shortcake station.  Usually happens at this time of year... I can dig this.  I'll head out there soon: it's been almost a month since I last went!

One swimmer that I don't think gets her due:  Amy Van Dyken.   She was incredible!  I know, not the most photogenic, but seriously she was great... actually I think she improved, visually over the years... I saw her do some deal for Fox Sports recently... I'm not sure what to make of it though.  I thought she did a good job, but it seemed like Fox wanted her to do some sort of gasp/omg angle on swimming news.   She didn't give in though, good for her.

Is there any way to get to Torrance from UCLA that doesn't take 125 minutes?   If there is, let me know...  I'd be very excited to try it out.

I would never sell back things I bought to my own family for money.   That seems so very mean. 

I'd be happy just to give some things to my family right now... I have a few things here and there that'd be nice to give to them around the house.

One item that I don't think anyone wants is the box full of VHS Tapes.  I recorded a whole bunch of Lakers games and other games, circa 2000, on VHS.   Today, with DVD recorders, youtube, and DVR's, a VCR isn't that big a need anymore.

I always like to keep original source materials... never assume you'll never need them.   If you ever need to convert to another format down the road it'll be there for you.  But, that also means I have a hefty crate of 40 videos to account for.

Panera Bread was a place I went to to get roast beef sandwiches in the beginning... later on, I found their regular bakery a much better experience.    I can't get around to sandwiches out there nowadays.

I think that's all I've got today, short entry.   Have a great Thursday!

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