Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: December 10th

I gotta be honest, there hasn't been much to write about lately.

It's not all bad, but I suppose it reduced the entertainment value of this blog space.   Our division will have a "company party" this week, and there's also one for the Masters Swim Club on Sunday.   It's too bad they did it on Sunday.  There is *nothing* going on in sports on Saturday, but it still should be fun on Sunday.

This is one of the coldest weeks I've experienced in Los Angeles.   I've enjoyed it!  I know, I'm a pansy etc. etc., but for those of us out West it's pretty cold weather, especially compared to what we're used to.  I know it will warm up about 12 degrees by Friday, but this morning was even *colder* than the day before.   Can you believe that?

I really enjoy swimming outside on a very cold morning.   I think it's the difference of it, the challenge of swimming against a near-freezing climate.  The pool is heated, so the actual swim is just fine... it's the before and after that's a challenge.  And yet, I'm such a goober I couldn't get up early enough on either of these two mornings to make it out there.  Lame.  I succeeded on Thursday morning, however, last week.

Some random thoughts...

Oreos...  are they desserts or snacks?  I think the beauty of Oreos is that they can be either one.   Oreos would be the swingman of foods.

Speaking of swingmen, Wes Johnson.  For the Lakers, off the bench (sometimes he starts).  WES BRINGING THE GOODS.   Hops, quicks... he's fun to watch.

You ever see the lady who stands on a corner w/ a sign "Free Hugs?"   I'd always wondered what would happen if someone went up there and wrote "Free Dates" or "Free Sex?"  Who would be so bold as to do this?  Oh ho!

I remember the joke that Mitch Hedberg said about writing jokes, and he said "if I was too lazy to get the pen I'd have to convince myself that my joke was not funny."  HAHA.   I was thinking of this too: the best jokes come naturally... the more thinking you have to put INTO a joke the less funny it is.

I usually switch the station when Herd does his "two for the road" closing spot.  That's funny isn't it?  It would seem like two inane news stories (akin to Mike Golic's "News of the Weird") would be right up my alley.  Yet, I find it kinda droll and unmemorable.  It's almost ironic that I'd feel this way in light of what I write myself.  I'm not sure why I don't give "Two for the Road" more of a chance.

I think that's all for today.  My apologies for not having more content, but hopefully more to come tomorrow.  Take care, all.

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