Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: December 11th

I promised it and here it is!  Back to back blog entries.

Now there are some people who don't think I'm funny.   I think that's all right with me.  I know that there are lots of different styles of humor out there, and speaking of "out there", I recognize that my style of writing isn't for everybody.  I respect anyone's opinion about my work, whether it's negative or positive.

I went to the grocery store yesterday and found these Nathan's Franks which were sized "longer than the bun."  Did you guys know about this??  Extra long hot dogs?  I went to look at the price and a pack of 8 was on special for just $1.50.  Unbelievable!!  Oh I went after 'em.  Then I went after the matching buns.

So I took all this home, along with some grapes and a roll of paper towels.   I had a decision to make.. do I eat some hot dogs now or do I make some soup from the cans in my cupboard?   It's a tough call because I had a Six Dollar Thickburger with Bacon from Carl's for lunch.   I wasn't *that* hungry.    Tough tough call... and THEN I opened the fridge and noticed a loaf of bread I bought about two weeks ago was still in there.  I tasted it and it was still good.   So I punted on BOTH options and made a peanut butter sandwich.  That was a great choice.. it opened up room for snacks at the end, and I got to eat some of the red grapes I bought that night.  Those grapes were amazing!!   Peanut Butter Sandwich, Grapes, and some red and green peanut M&M's.

You'll have some nights, like last night, where you feel like busting it out from home and driving to a 24 hour deli for some corned beef.   I thought about it last night... the week before I sampled a slice of corned beef from Canter's Deli in Hollywood and I completely forgot how *good* it was.  It was really really GOOD.   It would have been really intrepid and quite a shock to the system to make a Canter's run on a late Tuesday night.

More importantly, I was thinking of the lady from the lounge back at my day job.    I hadn't seen her in weeks, and I don't know, I wanted to just ask if she wanted to do something.  Last time I spoke with her we were talking about places she hasn't tried yet as a newcomer to LA.   You can bet I'd be up to offer a tour.  I spoke of Pasadena's good praises but I should have emphasized the Norton Simon Museum... terrific museum.. lots of history behind it.  I'd like to check it out!  Maybe she would too?

One day the jokers who run TV Networks will bring back "Supermarket Sweep," and it will be glorious!

Know one thing to watch out for when writing daily blog entries?  Redundancy.

Kings scored 6 goals... and won an NHL game.  You score 6 goals in the NHL, you're supposed to win the game.  And they did!!  YEAH BUDDY.

Did you know that when you go to Popeyes to order chicken that the chicken automatically comes with a biscuit?   I remember this fact but somehow forgot it the last time I was there.  I usually go about 2-3 years between visits to Popeyes HAHA.   Most of the time it's the same seedy location I grew up on in Oxnard... North Oxnard, near my parents' house.  At any rate, I was there on Saturday... nice day, slight improvements to the building, but still, overall, a run-down facility.  The sound system wasnt working at ALL.. it could only deliver the music in incomprehensible fragments.   The people at Popeyes were very nice though.  The only thing was, they were out of chicken, so they asked me to wait 8 minutes for it.

All right, so the place is called Popeyes and the only thing they do is *chicken.*  How do they not have enough chicken available at like 12:20 in the afternoon?   It just doesn't make sense!   The place barely opened at 11, and they were out of chicken in an hour?!  I laughed in my head about that one, but as I had no impending plans I was comfortable with the wait.  When I got the chicken, whoo, it was hot.  Very good though!   So, to round out the story, I asked for a biscuit as well but the guy explained that if I ordered a biscuit I'll actually get two biscuits since a piece of chicken comes with a biscuit already.   Good stuff indeed!  I scaled back the extra biscuit and, officially, ordered just one fried chicken breast which comes with the biscuit.  ...and it was good my friends!

That's all from here.  Enjoy your Wednesday everyone!

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