Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tyler's Investments: December 5th

Here they are!  Tyler's Investments for the week of December 5th.  Challenger picks first.

John in CT (11-7-2)

Ok. St. -10 vs OU

Ravens -7 vs MIN
Bengals -6.5 vs IND
Raiders +2.5 vs NYJ

Say Hello to Ottis (6-6)

Louisville -3.5 vs Cincinnati (this was sent to me days before the game kicked off via private message,  we will honor the point spread as written).

Steelers -3.5 vs MIA
Colts +6 at CIN (normalized to +6.5)
Rams +6 at ARI (normalized to +6.5)

Andy in Seattle (5-6-1)

Mich. St. +5.5

Saints -3 vs CAR
Chargers -3 vs NYG
Cardinals -6.5 vs STL

Ron in NJ (5-6-1)

Northern Illinois -4.5 vs Bowling Green

Raiders +2.5 at NYJ
Ravens -7 vs MIN
Chargers -3 vs NYG

Now for the namesake of "Investments"

Tyler in Moorpark (10-10)

Ohio State -5.5

Saints -3.5
Redskins +3.5
Falcons +7.5

Good luck to all.  All of our Investors will have an opportunity to go or stay above .500 with this week of picks.

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