Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: December 6th

I've been fighting it recently...  I got up at 5am the day before and went for the 5:45 am swim.  It was a great swim but it was really cold.   I am paying the price for it now as I write this.  I feel like only 1/3 of my brain cells are turned on and functional.  Rather than scrap the writing session, I thought "hey!  I wonder how whimsical I.3333222222222225555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

Geez, look at that long keyboard typo... its so beautiful I think I'll leave it.

There are those moments where you're so tired you just don't want to think... but sometimes for me it gets so bad that my motor skills go to mush.  I attempted to unplug my laptop from the surge suppressor last night and I struggled to grab the plug and remove it.  Oi.

Yesterday was a pretty bad loss of concentration.  One of our very nice professors went up the stairs as I was going down the stairs and said hi... and I said hi back and we talked about the cold but I forgot to look *back* at her as I was going down the stairs... it was as if i just stared off into space but kept talking to her like she was next to me.   What a mess.  She just said goodbye at the end and I said goodbye back.  I feel really bad for doing that.  I would like to send an email with an apology.

One of my friends, I won't say who but the name ends in an "oach" was more than a little intrigued by the "Sound of Music" special on NBC.  Apparently it aired live on the East Coast?  That wasn't the case here out west... but on *twitter* the special got ripped so badly that we may never see it hit the air again.  Or DVD even... it will become as obscure as the Star Wars Holiday special.  But get this!   Now we have youtube!  Carrie Underwood's project will not escape our eyeballs ahahahahhahahahahahahahah..

I had a podcast last night, and my mind wasn't all there for that either.  A terrible job out of me not remembering that Oklahoma State had the lead and the tiebreaker in the Big 12 Standings.   I kept thinking Oklahoma State had two losses this year but they really didn't!  Only one.  

You know that people in the area call the Oklahoma State Cowboys the "pokes?"   My friend, from Missouri, who by the way is VERY excited about his Tigers making the SEC Championship game, told me about Ok. State when they played Baylor.  He said "whatcha think about the Pokes?"   Then I saw the game on TV and other people called them the "Pokes."  It's a dopey name that brings a smile to my face.  Go Pokes!

Man.. the Fairfax district kills it with bakeries.  It's a divey sort of street, but the bakeries are stellar.  There's a good bakery every two doors along Fairfax Blvd.   Friends and I went out there for a work lunch... but we got there a good half hour early!   One of my buddies and I went to one of the bakeries to kill time.  We got some cookies from there and these little potato things.  Those potato things killed it!   They were great!!

Now why were we out there in the first place?  To check out a restaurant called "The Golden State."  It's bohemian, a cozy place to get burgers.   Their burger is called "the burger."   Pretty good, but I gotta admit, it didn't blow me away.  It had all the ingredients in place, and the quality was fresh... but sometimes you get the right ingredients but somehow don't turn it into a perfect hamburger.  It's a common problem with sports teams too... great players but not a great team.  Perhaps it wasnt the right "fit" of guys?  

I can't really say why the burger didn't jump out at me.    I was thinking of others that hit me instantly, burgers that rocked my emotions:  The Pie n' Burger, Father's Office, the Apple Pan, heck In-N-Out and Tommy's.  All of them had that "it" factor.   I think "The Golden State" was quite good... but it didn't have that "it".  I think I'm being unfair to this burger... but at any rate, I may need to give it another chance.

Now, if you recall, I'm still not sure if my brain was at full capacity even then.. sleep depravation is a bitch!  I think I need to give "The Golden State" another chance.

Before we went to "Golden State" I got two slices of hot corned beef at Canter's across the street.  OH BABY!!!!!!!  That corned beef melted right in my mouth, it was so good.  I shared some pieces of it with other friends of mine.  It was a hit. 

I nearly wrote this on twitter:  Sometimes you forget just how good Canter's Corned Beef is! 

Well, now I gotta go back and try IT again.. a corned beef sandwich.  Or forget the sandwich, just ask for a sandwich with no bread.. I can eat the corned beef on its own.. maybe ask for some of those potato pastry things to go with it.  Ever have potato pancakes?   I don't think I've tried that, but it must be a scene.

Know what?  Let's do the dance!  It's a Friday!   Have a great weekend all.  I'll catch you later.

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