Monday, December 9, 2013

LOCKS Season Total: 31-26-2

It was an interesting week in LOCKS.  Once again, the NFL picks outperformed the college picks, but in a twist, I was close to not using *any* NFL games in my LOCKS of the Week.  It's a good thing I changed my mind, because College picks only went 1-2.  Here are the hits and misses for the weekend of 12/7:

Hits: Auburn -2.5, Jaguars +3.5, Seahawks +2

Misses: Ohio State -5.5, Arizona State -3.5, Panthers +3.5

The latter two misses really disappointed me.  If anything, it felt like neither team really showed up.   How'd the Panthers wind up being so bad at New Orleans?   I didn't necessarily think they'd win outright, but to get blown out so quickly was a surprise, but maybe it shouldn't have been.  ASU was a complete joke.   Finally people start to buy into them (literally) and this is their reward?

ASU was, in my book, the biggest whiff.   I was fully blindsided by their lack of performance, in a HOME game no less!  Ohio State, I wouldn't take back.  If it became an intentional mush that worked out, I'll take that, worth the investment, so to speak.

I find it peculiar that I struggled so much with College Games and did so well with NFL games this year, yet, I can't bring myself to pick more NFL games.   Fortunately, this week presents only NFL games to wager on so I *can't* pick a college game even if I wanted to (Army/Navy doesn't really apply).  It *would* be a tough week to pick NFL games, though, so we'll analyze the point spreads carefully.   Only about 3 weeks left in the regular season to round out a winning year on LOCKS for the first time ever.  I'm very excited at the prospects!!

More to come in next week's LOCKS of the Week.

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