Monday, December 2, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: December 3rd

Today our friend Nick goes at it in "Jeopardy!".  Wishing him the best of luck.  This is just the taping date so the show won't go on TV for quite a while.

Not many thoughts to share today, but I wanted to bring the story of the peanut M&M's.   It was halftime of the Monday Night Football game last night, and I wanted to fill the "Santa" dish with green and red peanut M&M's.   I left the apartment to go to the grocery store and find some M&Ms, but the Holiday Themed Red and Green M&M's weren't at the store!   What is the holdup here, Mars?   Get out those red and green colored M&M packages... the time is upon us!   So, what I did was I got a pretty big package of regular M&M's and took it home.   I decided to put all the M&Ms into a tupperware container, then I got a teaspoon and scooped out each of the green and red M&M's from the tupperware and into the Santa dish.   I was just about done when I noticed an inordinate amount of blue and yellow M&M's were left over.  What subversive means to remind me of UCLA's football dominance!  Well played, candy factory.  I was excited to take a picture of the both containers of M&M's, then I reached into the tupperware with the spoon and tipped over the whole container by mitake!  M&M's spilled *all over* the coffee table and a couple hit the rug.  It was like a crowd of M&M's stormed the field after a big football win.  I had to scoop up the rest of the M&Ms and put them onto a plate.   Then, I was forcing myself to eat them all, not thinking that I could just take the plate of spilled candies and save them in the fridge.  OI.   Now I had roughly 6-8 oz of M&M's in my system and still a few left, so I took the plate and just put it in the fridge.   The Santa Dish with just the green and red M&M's stayed where it was and I carried on.

The Seahawks were unbelievable last night.  Great win on their part.  Now we get to see them beat the 49ers next week.   The M&M Santa Dish looks pretty good.   Green and red M&M's always look so appetizing.

A word of advice:  The sirracha sauce at Subway is no joke.   It is HOT!  It was so hot I could feel the spiciness in my ears.  I just sampled it at the store and ordered a subway sandwich with regular sauces.   I know most people I know hate subway, but it was the only convenient sandwich shop available within walking distance at that hour.   They happen to have good sirracha sauce too.

That's all from here.  Be careful with those M&M's!  They can spill out all over the place.  Onward to tomorrow....

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