Sunday, December 22, 2013

LOCKS Season Total: 32-30-2

I took it on the chin this week.

Saints +3.5 -- NOPE.
Dolphins -2.3 -- NOPE.
Seahawks -10.5 -- NOPE.

Nothing makes you feel more like an idiot with gambling than an 0-3 week.  I haven't had a week like this all year, but I feel so deflated I don't even want to make any more picks.  HOWEVER, we have one more week remaining on LOCKS of the week, and, as it turns out, two selections that already were made weeks in advance which we will use for our Final Edition of 2013 LOCKS.  The two games in question are bowl games, and we'll select one final showdown take-it-to-the-bank NFL pick for the regular season.  Two games over .500...   We will need to get just ONE of three picks right in order to finish the season above .500 for the first time in the history of LOCKS of the Week.  It's right in front of us.

We got this!!

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