Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tyler's Investments: December 12th

Here they are!  This week's edition of "Tyler's Investments."  First, the challenger picks.

Andy in Seattle

Patriots -1 (-2.5) at MIA
Eagles -5 at MIN
Panthers -11 vs NYJ
Chiefs -4 at OAK

John in CT

Falcons -7 vs WSH
Jags +1 vs BUF
Dolphins +1 (+2.5) vs NE
Ravens +6 vs DET

Say Hello to Ottis

Chargers +10.5 at DEN
Bears -1 at CLE
Colts -6 vs HOU
Eagles -6 (-5) at MIN

Ron in NJ

Cardinals -3 at TEN
Seahawks -7 at NYG
Dolphins +2.5 vs NE
Chiefs -5.5 (-4) at OAK

Now to the namesake of the "Investments."

Tyler in Moorpark

Lions -6.5 vs BAL
Steelers +3 vs CIN
Panthers -11 vs NYJ
Bucs +5.5 vs SF

This week, Tyler brought in a guest picker, Dr. Craig Tole.  His picks will not be put into the season standings for the contest, but he *will* have a chance to return to the podcast IF he goes above .500 with these picks:

*Guest Picks* from Dr. Craig Tole

Army/Navy over 51 points.

Texans +6 at IND
Bills -2 (-1) at JAX
Giants +7 vs SEA
Dolphins +2.5 vs NE

Good luck to all investors and may the best picks win!

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