Saturday, November 22, 2008

The ACTUAL Big Game

A month ago, I was talking about the big game between UCLA and USC with someone, only to be corrected. I was told that the real Big Game™, the only sanctioned game to adorn the name, is Stanford/Cal.

This is true, but of all the "Big Games" in progress, be it the real "Big Game," Michigan/OSU, Mich St./Penn State, etc, the only real BIG GAME, meaning the one that matters is

Texas Tech vs Oklahoma
coming soon to an ABC TV near you.

It's exciting times for the Big 12. The winner of today's game will dramatically alter the balance of power in the conference. If Tech wins, they're a sure lock to win the Big 12. If Oklahoma wins, it confuses everybody, and possibly puts Texas back into contention. I highly doubt Texas will drop lower than OU in the BCS.

Now, where is all this hype for Texas Tech coming from? I haven't seen defense this porous since the 1983 Denver Nuggets. How are we expecting the Red Raiders to not only give Oklahoma a hard time, but win the game... in NORMAN?!

Certainly, I understand the Sooners defense could be its worst in 5 years. I can see how the Sooners already lost to Texas, a team Tech beat a few weeks ago. But IT'S DIVISION ONE FOOTBALL!! IT'S THE BIG 12!!! Oops, I got carried away...

If you ask me, I think the Sooners are going to win, and win BIG. If the Red Raiders keep the game within 14 points, on the road no less, I will be very surprised.

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