Sunday, November 16, 2008

0-fer Watch and Perfect Watch: The Dream is Alive!

Just when you thought the Panthers and Jaguars were about to crash the party, both the Lions and Titans stuck to their guns and kept their seasons perfect.

In CHARLOTTE, the Duante Culpepper threw a clutch interception in the 4th to put the Lions game out of reach. The final score: Panthers 31, Lions 22.

In JACKSONVILLE, the Titans, led by three Kerry Collins touchdown passes, came from behind to beat the Jaguars, 24-14. We were so sure the Jaguars would put a dent into Tennessee's record, but it was not to be.

So far... so good. 0-10, meet 10-0. One more week, both teams at home, the Titans playing the Jets and the Lions playing the Bucs. If both teams survive week 12, the two perfect teams will meet each other!

Come Thanksgiving Day, the 0-fer Lions and All-fer Titans will play each other in front of many millions of Americans. It could be a rare meeting of Jeckyll and Hyde IF they don't slip up next week.

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