Saturday, November 15, 2008

YOUR Weekend Football Preview

The recent Tea Fire postponed the latest WFP, but here it is, seconds after Ohio State's kickoff. Andrew and the WEEKEND FOOTBALL PREVIEW:

The very appropriately titled “YOUR Weekend Football Preview”. Why? Because I will see very little…if any…football this weekend.

Yep, looks like a football free weekend for me. Instead I will be attending a wedding this weekend and be missing everything. Somebody will have to fill me in when I get back (I’m looking at you ESPN).

However, the football gods know that I love them…so they made sure that there was a long list of crap’tastic games this weekend on the schedule in BOTH college and pro football. Really, the best game is Sunday night…which will likely be the only game I watch all weekend. THANK YOU FOOTBALL GODS!! You know I love you!

See, that’s how you do it gentlemen. You praise the football gods all year long…so when the one weekend in the winter or fall that you have no choice but to miss an entire weekend of football action…the gods will bless you with a crappy schedule of games so you miss almost nothing.

Of course, crappy schedule of games usually leads to a brief preview. Let me see if there is a game or two I can find worth mentioning.


South Carolina/Florida – Steve Spurrier returns to Florida again…only to get pummeled by his former team. More then likely, I mean. Florida, to me, has looked like the best team in the country over the past few weeks. Hopefully they can keep it up and my bet on them to win the national championship stays alive! Please!

USC/Stanford – last year, as a 40 point underdog, Stanford actually beat USC just down the street from me. Awesome game! Awesome ending! Can it happen again? No. Damn.

Texas/Kansas – Another possibility of being one of those exciting (meaning no defense) BIG-12 shootouts. Some people see upset potential…although, Kansas has sucked versus good BIG-12 teams this year. Texas might be the best. Texas wins.

That’s if for college. Those last two were even a stretch to make the preview, but I had to put something down, right?


Bears/Packers – Its been years since it seemed like both these teams were good the same year…and maybe both aren’t that good this year either BUT at least they both are in the hunt for first place in the NFC North (even if the division isn’t THAT good). Its about time one of these rivals had a meaningful game against each other!

Titans/Jaguars – Well, the jaguars couldn’t beat the 0-fer Bengals (although made up for it and were able to take care of the 0-fer Lions last week) Will they be to beat the Lossless Titans? Let the undefeated Titans watch begin! (My guess is it doesn’t last long).

Chargers/Steelers – Both these playoff teams from last year just can’t seem to put it together…the Chargers more so then the Steelers. Even despite both teams struggles, we..I mean, YOU…should be in for a good one from Pittsburgh.

Cowboys/Redskins – The Return of Romo. That’s what this game is being billed as. Will he be enough to help a pretty disorganized Cowboys team? I hope not. The Cowboys falling apart has been one of the best stories this football season. Maybe he’ll break a toe this time. Redskins come into the game pretty banged up…even though they didn’t play last week. Seriously…what are these guys doing on their bye weeks?

Well, that’s it folks. Hope you enjoyed the Thursday edition. Wish me luck this weekend…I will need it. I don’t know which would be better…going to a wedding where you are going to know almost no one…or getting hit by Ray Lewis. I might take the latter…

Andrew Jacobsen

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