Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our New Chief: Barack Obama

I could have gone with a snappy title, but it's time to offer my thoughts straight up tonight.

Barack Obama, at about 11pm ET, clinched the Presidential Election to become our next United States President. It's a huge win for Obama, a big win for Civil Rights, and a great win for the Democrats.

The biggest winner of all is America. Record turnout in many states and precincts. What a great tribute to the spirit of America and to its youth, who responded greater than ever before. America truly came together and raised its voice, shouting "individuals like us truly CAN make a difference."

I certainly hope, in the future, it doesn't take a series of catastrophic events to make the American Populace vote. However, it is touching indeed to see the nation celebrate in joy and glee. Certainly, for the McCain camp, it wasn't all joyful, but for those of you voting McCain, hold your head up high! Your vote, no matter where it went, is appreciated, respected, and wanted.

Let us hope that the mudslinging we normally see in political media can take a back seat for a little while, as America celebrates... America!

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