Sunday, November 2, 2008

0-fer watch 2008: Last 0-fer Standing!


0-fer watch rolled on Sunday, but the Bungles didn't want to play along. Hosting the Jaguars, the Bungles stormed ahead and didn't look back. Towards the end, Cincinnati had to hold off a Jaguars flurry, but the Bungles managed to win 21-19 despite themselves.

That leaves Detroit as the only winless team left in the NFL. Detroit tried its hardest to ruin 0-fer watch at Soldier Field, but thankfully their stench pulled through to lose 27-23. The Bears had a tough go of it initially, losing Starting QB Kyle Orton for the game. We'll hear more about Orton's leg injury later, but it led to a 20-10 lead for the Lions. Thankfully, we're not writing the obituary for Detroit's "perfect season."

With Cincy out, the Lions now must defend their "donut" in the standings with a home game against Jacksonville. That's right, it's the same Jacksonville Jaguars who lost to Cincinnati this week!!

Can the Jaguars blow back to back games against winless teams? Do stay with us to find out!

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