Saturday, November 22, 2008

YOUR Weekend Football Preview

LOCKS contributor Andrew Jacobsen, coming off a week when he saw zero football the whole weekend, offers his latest WEEKEND FOOTBALL PREVIEW. Enjoy, folks:

Ahhhhhh…another week in the books and back to the weekend. Unfortunately, the season is winding down quickly…almost too quickly. College football season will be essentially done in less then 3 weeks. That makes me sad. What am I going to do with my Saturday afternoons in December? Clean my apartment? Ummmmm…I don’t think so. Christmas shopping? Forget about it.

Very soon there will be a large void in my life. College football will have left me for another year. I mean, sure we’ll have the bowl games and everything but that’s like breaking up with your girlfriend and then hooking up one last time before you know its all over. Its great…but still sad and depressing.


This is called rivalry week in college football and rivalries are great…if both teams are good. I’m looking at the list of games this week, and yeah, rivalry games but most of them suck. Ohio St/Michigan…probably the best rivalry in college football should be a laugher this year. Washington/Washington State…features two of the worst teams in college football. Not all rivalries are great all the time. Looks like we are learning that lesson this week.

Michigan State/Penn St – Luckily for all of us college football fans, Iowa was able to beat Penn State two weeks ago and spare us having to see them in the national championship game. Will Michigan State beat them and spare us from watching them in the Rose Bowl. Wait…what? Ohio State would go to the Rose Bowl if Penn State loses? Screw it…GO PENN STATE!!!

BYU/Utah – Wow. This could be a very entertaining, high scoring, close college football game. I can’t wait to watch this one…wait? What? Its on the Mountain Network? What the hell is that?! Does anyone not living in Utah or Montana actually get that channel? I don’t think so. Unfortunately, this will be one I miss. The highlights should be fun though.

Texas Tech/Oklahoma – Best game of the day. Tech could take a very BIG step with a win here towards being in the national championship game. Oklahoma still has national championship hopes as well. You guys want a college football playoff? Well, this is about as close as we get.


Jets/Titans – All the sudden, with a win last week over the Pats, the NY Bretts have become the front runner in the AFC East. They visit TEN this weekend and take on the undefeated Titans. Can the Titans make it to Thanksgiving Day undefeated? Oh Lord…I hope so.

Patriots/Dolphins – Early in the season the Dolphins went into NE and beat up the Patriots pretty good with their funky wildcat offense. Everybody thought it was a fluke…especially me. Well, since then, the Dolphins have still been beating people with the Wildcat Offense and all of the sudden are in the playoff hunt. Yikes! I can’t imagine the Dolphins in the playoffs without you know who as their QB…yep…Jay Fiedler.

Giants/Cardinals – Possible playoff preview anyone? Well, it very well could be. Giants are probably playing the best out of anyone in the NFL and they face the Cardinals who really no one knows how good they are. Could Kurt Warner really be this years MVP? WOW. Talk about your lame NFL season…what year is this? 1999?

Colts/Bolts – Nice little Sunday night game for two teams that are in desperate need of a win. Both, right now, are on the outside looking in at the playoff picture and only one of them would be likely to make it. Winners season is still alive…loser…well, start making New Years plans.

There you go boys and girls. Another Friday…another football preview. I’ll actually get to watch some games this weekend. Yay!

Andrew Jacobsen

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