Sunday, November 16, 2008

Keepin' it in the Family

Terrific news for Steeler fans everywhere. Dan Rooney has agreed to purchase about 80% of the team, thus keeping Steeler majority ownership with the Rooney family.

Its tough to be a major football powerhouse in a small town like Pittsburgh, PA. Did you know Pittsburgh has a population of only 300,000? That's about the same size as my home town, Oxnard, CA, and neighboring Ventura. I hardly consider the tandem a market large enough for an NFL franchise.

The potential debt owed to Dan was raised in another blog. It's an interesting point. With all the money going to other brothers, Dan could potentially have a tough time competing for free agents.

My counterpoint is this: The Steelers aren't usually about signing big free agents, nor keeping them for that matter. Remember when Plaxico Burress left for greater dollars signs about four years ago? The answer? Santonio Holmes, drafted with the 25th pick of the first round. Almost as good, and much cheaper.

The point is, the Steelers avoid going corporate for the short term. It's going to be a struggle for a little whlie, but with their strong core of defense, and ownership group that cares, the Pittsburgh Steelers will still be... The Pittsburgh Steelers.

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