Monday, November 24, 2008

Florida vs the Universe

Monday Night Football last night was an AMAZING performance by the Saints, but other than the points scored, not much of a story in New Orleans... although I'd like to congratulate Deuce McCallister for setting a new Saints touchdowns record. Way to go!

Still, not really significant far as the playoff picture. Does anyone really think the Saints OR the Packers are real playoff contenders? ummm... dang I'll have to address that in a moment! That's a good question!!

Anyway, I wanted to discuss the Florida Gators...

The Gators played 11 games so far, with two games to go.

Of the 11, I recall only three meetings vs ranked teams: Georgia, LSU, and South Carolina. All of them were grossly overrated.

Is Florida overrated? Now, from a talent and defense standpoint, I'm confident the Gators are the best team out there, but as far as being "battle tested" they are not that.

USC, as dumb as this sounds, got through much more adversity against tough road opponents. Oregon State is hard to beat at Corvallis, and daggunit, they might win the Pac 10! Florida's loss to Ole Miss was far worse.

It's interesting. I'm not about to say USC is better than Florida, since I literally have no idea how to compare them. On the other hand, I'll never forget...

Florida vs Michigan: LOST in bowl game
USC vs Michigan: Kicked the tar out of Michigan in bowl game.

and it really was the same Michigan team both years. Food for thought...

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