Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Week 13: Dave's BOUNTY of the Week

Hundreds of years ago, a lot of people sailed on big boats and made sacrifices to help found this land of ours, namely in a land known as Plymouth, Massachussetts. After making the plight to come out there, a few Natives were kind enough to lay the foundation for the feasts we enjoy today. Let's celebrate all the good in our lives with this Thanksgiving Holiday, and then FEAST on

Dave's (gobble)
LOCKS (bobble)
of the Week (chomp!)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week
Week 13: Thanksgiving Edition

Greetings everyone! Welcome back to LOCKS of the Week. I'm here to give thanks to the Lord above, or your deity of choice, then pick the best football LOCKS of Week 13. Speaking of Plymouth, Mass, how about the Patriots these days? They look as good as they've ever been, so let's travel there first.

We go to New England to start our week. The Patriots are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. May both teams give thanks to all the men and women who fought for their freedom and may the Patriots fight to COVER the (-1) spread at home. Yep, I'm so thankful for life that I'm hedging my bet and betting against my Pittsburgh Steelers. I have to.. I'm just glad that there's still football in the air.

There's something ELSE in the air and it doesn't smell good. Whoof! I think it's coming from DETROIT, where we head next. The stinky Lions are home to play the formerly undefeated Titans. Boy are the Titan wheels coming apart or what? Internal sniping, panic, and all the trimmings!

But, on Thanksgiving day, before most of the West wakes up, the Lions will get the job done and lose big! The Titans are (-11) point favorites bound to cover. If they can't cover 11 against the Lions, you've got some REAL problems brewing in Nashville.

And finally, remember the quickie about how the Red Skinned Natives helped furnish the feast for Pilgrims all along the East Coast? Howsabout a trip to the home of the Redskins in Washington? The Redskins are home to face the Giants in a huge fight to stay alive in the division race. The 'skins kept it close way back in Week 1. The Giants have been playing GREAT football, but they seem to be banged up. I'm calling for the Redskins upset, which means a sure cover of the (+3.5) at home. Kind of surprising to see the Redskins GET 3.5 at home, but take it, take it, take it!

And thats how it is in the NFL, and on the Mayflower, the Pinta, the Nina, and the Santa Maria, all on

Dave's (toot!)
LOCKS (splash!)
of the Week (chop!)

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your Family! Make sure to drink responsibly!

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