Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Game of the Week: Jets at Patriots

So you want to see the game of the Week...

Week 11 presents a big springboard for a lot of teams. In fact, we like to call this Moment of Truth Week. This week features

The Dave Medina Super Fantastic Guarantee(tm)

We'll reveal the guarantee during LOCKS of the Week. Meanwhile, here's our game of the week:

Jets vs Patriots: Part II

Would you believe, the game of the week this week is a matchup on NFL Network?

Their last meeting was in September, when the Jets struggled to score more than ten points. It was an *ugly* game, and the Patriots won that day 19-10.

This week, both teams get a chance decide the division. I think the Bills are on the way down, so whoever wins on Thursday effectively wins the division. As it stands right now, the Jets and the Patriots are tied for first place in the division.

  • If NE wins, they'll own the tiebreaker.
  • If the Jets win, they'll tie the season series.

It is a huge, huge game!


Dallas vs Washington may end up getting more press, but let's face it, neither of these teams are winning the NFC East. What it is, is a moment of truth for the Cowboys. Are they going to be a real playoff team? Do they have what it takes to weather the storm and make a run for a Wild Card?

For the 'Skins, you wonder if the game last week was a fluke. Certainly there's more drama (and more talent) involved in this game as opposed to Jets/Pats, but I figure it will have less impact on their division. It will however affect the wild card race.

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