Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A "SCAR" for Florida?

You never know. Jim Mora would say "you THINK you know, but you don't... know."

The Florida Gators have played exceptional defense over the last three weeks. In those weeks, the Gators gave up a total of 29 points. Not an average, mind you, a TOTAL! In those games they won by a combined 124-29.

Why, then, would Dave and LOCKS of the Week project a nail-biter at the swamp this Saturday?

Simply put, the South Carolina (SCAR, if you will) Gamecocks have a good defense themselves. Witness, for example, September 13th, when the Gamecocks nearly upset Georgia, but still lost 14-7. Imagine, though, giving up only 14 points to a ranked team of any kind from the SEC.

The most points South Carolina gave up in any game was 24, allowed three times to Vandy, Ole' Miss, and LSU respectively.

Strangely enough, the Gators had wildly different outcomes when they played those same teams.

Against Ole' Miss, they blew the game completely, 31-30
Against LSU, they torched the Tigers 51-21
Against Vandy, they smoked the Commodores 42-14

Why, then, are the Gators favored by a whopping 21 points? It seems unusual to award the Gators a huge spread when the Gamecocks gave several SEC teams all it could handle.

South Carolina isn't the greatest scoring team in the land, but don't be surprised if the Gamecocks put a little "SCAR" into Florida's margin of victory. I believe they'll give Florida a much tougher game than experts predict, even if the game is played in Gainsville.

It remains to be seen what really happens. Be sure to find out as it unfolds LIVE on CBS! 3:30 pm ET. Be there!!

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