Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: March 27th

Let's hear it for the equals sign today!   I went on Facebook and saw all these equals signs...

Now I am not dense, I know what they are for.  Equal rights.   I'm glad to see the passion and the support.  Never before has a math symbol meant *so* much.   Good stuff.

I saw an ABC promo for a TV show where there was a masquerade ball in the episode.  Good gravy does it get any more Hoity Toity than that?  Oh look at me!   I'm so cool that I don't even need a complete mask... I'm just going to get these little eye slits on a stick.  Ohhhh I am *so * cool.

1861 called -- they want their party back.

Went for a swim last night.   Nice swim, great swim, a necessary swim too because I'm out of shape folks.  Anyway, one of my colleagues was there and she said hello, hey how's it going, etc.   Then I find out that her boyfriend got a new job in San Diego.  I said to her "oh does that mean you're moving over there?"  Answer: no.  Apparently she's going to attempt a long distance relationship with the boyfriend with her staying in LA.

I ask you friends, what are the odds of the long distance relationship lasting?   I wish her the best of luck -- hopefully it all works out.

I have had exactly *zero* response to any of my content regarding the "Splash" diving show, so I will not contribute any more opinions on the subject.  However, on the topic of Nicole Eggert, she really came a long way and worked really hard to get in a good dive.  It wasn't bad at all!  In fact, she also got in better shape from all the training.   Many fans out there are so proud and I dare say I am too.

I owe her an apology anyway.  I was judging from all the tabloid press, and the tabloids are jokers.   I looked at her go out there last night, and she wasn't even that fat!   She's a mother of two teenage kids for goodness sake.   What do people want?  She seemed all right to me.

One odd correlation with women nowadays -- I think they like dating people who are bald.  I can't explain it.  Maybe baldness is a sign of maturity.   More power to the people.   I usually think of baldness as a sign of less hair.

It takes a lot for anything I read to make me cry.   Yesterday on Facebook a story was going around about the Autistic girl who thought her hamburger at Chili's was broken because they cut it in half.  but, in such a touching move, the Chilis staff realized the situation and made the most of it, and even encouraged the girl that they made a mistake and they'd fix the hamburger for her.  Then the little girl was so mezmerized by the new cheeseburger that she just stared at it for a while and smiled.  Now how moving was that story?

Boy do I hope that's not another one of those Facebook hoaxes... I just hope within heart of hearts it's a true story... you have to be a real jerk to fabricate such a touching moment from thin air.

Bed at 11pm, up at 5:30 am... back to my old tricks again.    Wonders never cease.

Yesterday I had a *very* good coffee at Peet's... they supply a cannister of their delicious dark cocoa for the coffee.  I got a regular coffee, added some half and half, then threw in two packets of sugar and a mound of the cocoa.  Damn good coffee my friends.  It's effectively a self made mocha, but not nearly as sweet.  All for the price of a regular coffee.  Now that's a good deal, friends.

Television can be a scary place.  If it's not a comedy, every show, or every other show on the air has someone brutally murdered in every episode.  In real life, do people get brutally murdered every single day in every single town in America?  That's the guise you get from watching these shows.   Person of Interest, all the C.S.I. shows, Dexter (well that's in the premise so no surprise there), and many others.   If someone doesn't get mutilated to death, you don't have a complete storyline.  Ig.

I checked twitter yesterday and *everybody* is talking about "Olympus Has Fallen."  Here we go again, more death and destruction in the media.   A movie where the White House gets torn to pieces does not strike me as something I'd be gung ho about seeing.   Regular reality is already depressing... imagine seeing your worst nightmares unfold on screen?

I'll have to see "Olympus Has Fallen" for myself someday to see whether that angle is not overblown.

"Bronx Has Fallen: the Story of the 2013 New York Yankees..." coming soon to a stadium near you!

Corn Dogs... do you go into your local grocery store and see some readily cooked corn dogs in the Deli section?   It's tempting isn't it?  Especially for 99 cents.  BUT, here's the thing... it's the same corn dog out of the box you could get at the freezer's section for roughly $3.99 for a dozen corn dogs.   So, doing the math, I could get the same corn dog from the box for less than 39 cents.  

I was having a TOUGH tough time figuring out where to go on Friday but I think I found an answer!   Skooby's in Hollywood! Their french fries are *outstanding.*  Their hot dogs are also outstanding.  It's a good fit.   Hopefully there will be time.  Granted, it's Good Friday, and out of respect for the Catholic Church and my Mother, I should lay off the meats that day, but we'll see what happens.

I would like to go see a movie very soon.   Maybe I *will* check out "the Croods" so I can get the Dolby Atmos sound experience at the spaceship (AMC Century City 15 Theater).   I've been jonesing for some popcorn pants too.

The whole lenten season and outside of my foray with Lobster Claws in Arizona, I haven't taken advantage of the time to eat more seafood.  Imagine?  I'll fix that very soon.

That's all from here.  Enjoy your Wednesday!

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