Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: March 19th

Great podcast last night with Chris in Syracuse, John in CT, and the Junk Man in Hour 2 for Random Questions!   We have it up at blogtalkradio.com/daveinthecity .  

Still cool and damp here in Los Angeles.   It makes me appreciate how warm it was over in Arizona.  

I gave it some thought, to move to AZ.   On the other hand, the mongos that drive out there are far worse than ones who drive here in California.   There are some other things that would be tough to handle out there, including the seriously hot summers.

The Heat won 23 games in a row.   Congratulations to them.   The 1972 Lakers have the longest winning streak of all time, 33 games.  It sounds exciting to think about, but the Heat are not getting close to 33 games in a row.  In fact, I'll tell you right now: they're losing next week, maybe this week.   It wouldn't surprise me at all to see them lose to the Cavs tomorrow.

After an exciting vacation to Arizona, everything else seems pretty ordinary.   Tonight I'll try to get in some extra rest.  Hopefully the bed will cooperate.

On Sunday I listened to Green Day's first four full albums:  39/Smooth, Kerplunk, Dookie, and Insomniac.   I never listened to them all in full before.  That was some good music!   Green Day music in their first 7 years was so simple... then from Nimrod on they got more and more theatrical.  However, that doesn't mean their music was bad, it's just fancier than how they started out.  I wouldn't say they "jumped the shark" because even within an Operatic like "American Idiot", the title track was a return to basics.  Green Day is plain good.

The name "Green Day" is a reference to pot, not surprising.

I also learned the other day that Green Day was formed in the East Bay, not so much San Francisco.  Specifically, they formulated in Vallejo, CA.    Interesting, isn't it?

It suddenly made sense, because the East Bay is full of down to earth family suburbs with houses and shopping malls.  You don't have quite the same circumstance on the Peninsula (western side of the Bay Area).   Daly City, Palo Alto, etc, has some of the same effect, but the area is much smaller, so it doesn't quite have the same effect as say an Pleasanton or Walnut Creek would.  I can't speak to demographics, but it seems like the Peninsula area is higher priced real estate.

I read about topics and people a lot.  I like going to Wikipedia and digging into who what when where and how.   Trivia is my homie.  If you were to shout any word to me... say, "cupcakes", I would suddenly feel like doing research on the history of cupcakes.  I live for useless information.

I'm stuffed.  I can feel all the calories from the previous week lingering in my system.  I got in a very long swim yesterday but I have more work to do.   The last thing I want to do is look like Tank Franceser.

Ok, I had two slices of pizza for breakfast, what could I do?  I don't have much food planned for lunch.  More exercise will go a long way.

I wear a belt now that's modeled like a car seatbelt.  The big advantage to such a belt is that it stays in one place the entire time and all you do is buckle the belt.   Your stomach cant stretch out the notches as it could on a leather belt.  It gives you a much more accurate idea of how heavy or light you are.  It's bound to change too... it all depends on your diet and exercise.   When you exercise, fat content is converted to muscle.  When you stop exercising, muscle mass is converted back to fat.   As I went into vacation, I could very quickly feel that muscle to fat conversion.   It was weird.

Now to get it back the other way!   We are on our way, friends!

I challenged an assistant swim coach to a sprint duel on Facebook...... that may not be such a good idea.

Going back to the muscle to fat thing, you ever notice how athletes double in size after they retire?  It's *precisely* because of the muscle to fat conversion!    They work out and move around their entire career and once they stop they stop cold... and all the years of muscle mass reverts to about 1.5 times that of fat.   That's pretty brutal.   You'll see guys like Albert Belle and Nolan Ryan... older age, much more fat.  It's a tough situation.

Whew...  let me touch into some more positive subjects to round out today's entry.

Tonight is the debut of "Splash!" the Celebrity Diving program... oof... very odd collection of people for this program but the topic is fascinating.   ABC must be nervous as heck seeing how much the Fox version of Celebrity Diving bombed.  ABC is doing more than Fox's one episode, they have a whole series!   What would the TV Rating be in that case for ABC's show?  1.5?   2.5?   Those aren't good scores in diving either.  Yoiiii!  Haha

BUT, I'll be plugged in.  I also hope it's available for on-demand replay just in case I were to miss it tonight on TV.

Diving is HARD, let me tell you that right now.    Tough on the body... imagine getting checked to the glass in hockey?  That's what every dive is.. you have to fight a wall of water that is akin to plowing into a giant pad in football practice.  Way fun though, and I hope the people on tonight's show had a good time!

Dunkin Donuts coffee is HUGE out East.  Starbucks is enormous out West.   What do the people in the Mid-West do??   Half of each?  Do they have their own big coffee company?  

That's all I have.  See you all tomorrow!

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