Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Training Vacation 2013 Recap: Day 5

Day 5 was the end of the road.  One last breakfast at Thunderbird Suites, after which we packed up and checked out.  Before traveling back home for good, we stopped at Phoenix proper, which was *not* done during the 2011 trip.   In so doing we got a good look at the exterior of both U.S. Airways Arena, home of the Suns and Chase Field, home of the D'backs.   I thought it was delicious to set foot on the same site of the Suns, knowing the Lakers were going to play them the next night.   I looked for the corner plaza that TNT *always* shows when they begin NBA telecasts from Phoenix and got my own photo of it.

Here's to a big Lakers effort in Phoenix later tonight!  Next up, Chase Field.  This place is *monstrous.*  I cannot believe how huge this stadium is.  I think it's even bigger than the NFL stadium.  I might be wrong, but it's just enormous.    Pretty nice ballpark, I have to admit.   It seems cavernous though, but what's funny is that the roof was open that day.   I could see through the gates and see the sun drench the field.

That really was it.   After this, it was simply a drive home, a stop in Indio, CA for food, and a look at the thermometer to see the temperature drop from 96 degrees to 59 degrees in West LA.  What a fun time!   I hope to do it again very soon.  I also hope to return to Phoenix to see a D'backs game down the road.   I'm now very curious to see an official game at Chase.   For now that's the word.  A standard "Thoughts of the Day Post" is up next!

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