Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: March 3rd

Happy March!  Tons to talk about today.

First of all, I wanted to commemorate one of the big upsets of the weekend with a new DITCOW Sports Minute, so I posted one last night:

I hope folks enjoy that sports minute.  My buddy Chris in Syracuse did a *much* better one which precedes it on the podcast feed.   Generally speaking, I've found it odd to script a minute long monologue and then recite it, but hopefully it worked.

I really hate talking about myself like that.   Do you ever get self-evaluations at work?  How the hell am I supposed to judge my own performance?  Wouldn't I be biased?  "I am doing a *stupendous* job at the office.  People should be so lucky to be graced by my presence..."   What would I honestly say?  It's been said that one can be their own worst critic, and I subscribe to that, but in any case, it always feels so uncomfortable to do self-evaluations.   For the record, I never have spoken of myself in such lofty terms as I had quoted.

I feel bad for beauty pageant contestants.   It's one thing when other people are literally judging your character traits, but if you see them oogling at your breasts and legs that must be so damn awkward!  I suppose men are beauty pageant contestants too... yikes!

If that's their thing, then I say, noice, more power to 'em, but I sympathize with those find that situation uncomfortable.

If it's one's LIVING, ya know, showing off the body as a model does, I would think there's less trepidation.  On the other hand, the person in question is amazingly attractive by definition.   That's why they're called "models."  Exact ideas of what you want something or someone to be.   Sports Illustrated would never sell magazines featuring swimsuit facsimiles.

Serge Ibaka is hot stuff.  Where does he get off thinking whacking some guy's nuts is going to be a good defensive play?  Who didn't feel for Blake Griffin when Ibaka pulled the nut-puncher in yesterday's Thunder/Clippers game.  That *almost* sparked the Clippers to win the game but they forgot that after they took a 101-100 lead that there was still over 1:30 left in the game!

The Clippers... I hate to be so smug and simplistic with this, but they are still learning how to win.  Or, perhaps they just aren't a good finishing team.   I'll tell you what though: the Clippers and Thunder would be an amazing playoff series.

The Thunder were pretty bogus themselves in the second half.  Who goes up 19 and then blows the lead in the fourth quarter?  Not impressive.  To be honest, neither team plays good defense.  Both teams are prone to turnovers. 

I had the privilege of seeing the game in person.  Ah, the magic of stubhub.  I waited until about 12:15 local time, or 15 minutes before the game started to land some nice center court seats high above the sideline.  For the price of 28 bones, quite good!

Staples Center is also quite good.  It's an A+ facility.   Excellent staff, excellent design, and frankly, excellent access too with the easy freeway entry, easy parking, and many surface streets.

Oh baby... have you ever had the Staples Center hot dog?   It's so ridiculous to think this but the Staples Center hot dog is my favorite stadium hot dog anywhere.  I don't even know why it's so good!  It's just a regular Farmer John hot dog on a bun, but it's amazing.   I think it's their all-beef dog.   Whatever, its golden.   Just a regular hot dog with regular onions, regular relish, and regular mustard.   All that regular adds up to some PHENOMENAL.  Just try it!  It'll make sense.

At Staples, the Lakers had a game later that night but I didn't feel like spending additional money, so I let it go and went home.

Friday night was spent at this Italian restaurant called Carmine's.   It is *amazing.*  Not that expensive either!  I had the "Gumbi" which is rigatoni with meatballs, mushrooms, marinara, and cheese.   Simply amazing.  The portions are so huge there that I only got to eat about 1/8 of it plus the bread and a side salad.   Carmine's really takes care of you.

Put all together, it was a great weekend.  I'm glad to have had a good chance to relax and catch up on things.   I got in some more Sharepoint training to boot.  All I'm really doing is watching some educational training videos, but they're enjoyable.  I got in quite a lot of sleep!  Hopefully more sleep follows this week.

Hope your week is off to a good start too.  Catch you all tomorrow...

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