Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: March 29th

Happy Friday everyone!  I have posted my picks for tonight's Sweet 16 NCAA Basketball games here on the blog.  It's the post below this one.  Enjoy.

Well friends, I have the day off today.   I look forward to a day of relaxation some travel and good eats.  Then the aforementioned NCAA games.   This can get good, really good.

I saw someone present a giant cookie to someone for a birthday present on the internet.  Like, instead of a cake they used an enormous cookie.  I want a giant cookie too... not for a birthday, but just for fun.

One time I brought a cake sized cookie to a friend's apartment for an NBA All Star Game viewing party.  It was a hit.  The cookie was enormous and everyone in the party got a piece of it. 

Imagine a hamburger the size of a birthday cake?  I've seen those kind of burgers in pictures, but just ponder what it must be like in person!   I wouldn't try to eat the whole thing but goodness gracious would I want to take a bite.   How would one even lift such a thing?  

Anyone try to eat cereal out of a punch bowl?  I don't think I've ever been that hungry.  Or out of dishes like that.

Well friends, let's hear it for several teams who won last night:  Marquette, who's getting these wins out of nowhere it seems.  Syracuse, for using their great frontcourt length to its advantage.   Wichita State, for staying hot from 3 point land.  Finally, a nod to Ohio State for once AGAIN fighting back from a ten point deficit and executing brilliantly down the stretch to work in a last second 3 point shot to go ahead.  This time they won by 3, as it was last time against Iowa State. 

Incredible.  It's going to be a very different Final Four this year.  It might be even more different than you could imagine if more wildness occurs tonight.

Today I'd like to see a movie in Dolby Atmos surround sound, the new surround sound format they have in select movie theaters.  It's revolutionary!  64 channels of sound!   I mean it was 4 in the 70s, then 6 in the 80s and 8 in the 90s.  Now it's SIXTY FOUR.   I gotta check it out at an AMC so I can get the popcorn pants working.   You get these bags designed to hold soft drinks and then fill em up with popcorn.   They look like pants -- ergo popcorn pants!

Today is wide open... I realized that in one day, I could go to Franks for the breakfast burrito with the fresh eggs, then skoobys for lunch: fries and hot dog.  After that, the movie at the AMC with the popcorn pants and afterward the Sweet 16 games at my buddy "Coach's" house.  

I won't do all of those things, but there would be enough time to execute all of that.

Thank you all very much for all of your kind words in response to the little pet fish story I had on Facebook.   It is so funny how little fish could be so emotionally gripping.  Such is life.  Sometimes even objects can become sentimental.  I don't want to get carried away with that kind of sentiment.   If I start throwing funerals for old remotes, it gets out of control.

I've seen friends hit hard by the loss of pets in their lives.  I understand completely.

Have you also seen friends hit hard by the loss of *bets* in their lives?  I HAD been hit hard by the loss of bets, but not many of them.    I learned my lesson after that disaster in Vegas in November.  Never again.   The only thing that saves me is that I don't put large money on sports bets.   Nothing would be worse than blowing 300 dollars on the Browns money line over the Jaguars.

Bowling... is something I'd like to have a crack at very soon.   That's another item I could try today.   I believe at the El Dorado Lanes (by LAX) you can pay 11 dollars for "All You Can Bowl" before 5pm.   That's incredible value!   11 bones to bowl as many games as you want until you get tired.  How long would you be able to bowl without wearing down?  I think most people could go 3 hours, no?

There was a really cool bowling-related Miller High Life commercial that aired years and years ago.  I wish I remembered the semantics of it.  

If there's a single commercial that stands out as the best I've ever seen, it has to be this one.

I just can't think of anything that a) was more entertaining b) drove the point home and c) sold its product *well.*  It's technically not even a real commercial.  It's a promotion from the Milk Advisory board as opposed to a specific brand.  BUT, it was and still is great.  The phrase "Got Milk?" is still a relevant term that gets modified to other subjects, even today.

So my friends... Got Friday?

Catch you all again after the weekend.  Enjoy your day!

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