Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: March 6th

What a huge comeback last night for the Kings!

I was at the game last night with some cheap seats... only ten bones.   I was up in Sec 314 near the Laker banners.  That's not the *reason* I sat there, I just went with the best sight line for the least amount of money.

Just so happens that the section had nearly a row full of Blues fans behind me.   As the game started I convinced myself the Kings had no energy for this game.  Bear in mind, they played the night before at home against Nashville.   Most teams, maybe all teams would be tired for the next night.

But no!   Barely 5 minutes into the game, the Blues started instigating and we had fights breaking out all over the arena!  The Championship bout was Kyle Clifford vs Roman Polak which was already following another fight where two guys got sent to the box.   Clifford lays on this haymaker on Polak that knocks him out solid.

That Clifford kid is scrappy, but he's got energy and heart... dude is a gamer.  Unreal.

Well... one might think that gave the Kings momentum to take over, but not true.  The Blues scored the first goal of the game off a very weird carom past Goaltender Jonathan Bernier.

All right let me fast forward this, the Blues were eventually up 4-1 in the 2nd period and by then all the Blues fans, especially this one guy behind us, yelled "THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL!!!"  Dude was getting into it, going gaga.

Most of us didn't really care... we were just shrugging since this was a "gravy game" anyway after a big win vs Nashville.  Nonetheless, the Kings were getting embarrassed.   Even before the 3 goal deficit, Coach Daryl Sutter switched out Bernier for Jonathan Quick.  I almost wonder if Quickie should have started in the first place.  Goaltenders playing on back to back nights like that is dicey.  Anyway...

After the roof caved in, the Kings scrapped together and got a goal.  2 goal deficit.  Then in the third period, Sutter worked in the Dustin Penner line and the Doughty/Muzzin line who already accounted for the first Kings goal.   Then another goal... and then another and the place went bonkers when the Kings tied and eventually took the lead.  UNBELIEVABLE.   After the 6th goal by Kopitar, most of Section 314 yelled back at the Blues fans "THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL!!"

After the game ended, those Blues fans jokers couldn't leave the building fast enough!   It was hilarious!

That was a good night... well speaking of "jokers" I need not say more about the Lakers.  All right, I read some of the deets of the game last night and I want to give them credit for making a bit of a comeback in the 4th quarter, but the Lake Show is just not that good.

I knew it going in, and they have played very good basketball but their talent presents limits, primarily in limiting backcourt speed defensively etc etc.  We've been through all this already.    Let's just say that if the Lakers were to meet the Thunder in the playoffs, they have to hope they get home court advantage because I don't think they can win a game at Chesepeake Energy Arena.

I'm hungry today.   I tried to take public transportation over and back from Staples Center, and it was a success, but there is a lot of waiting and planning involved.  It didn't give me time to prep breakfast nor lunch with the peanut butter/jelly sandwiches.  Thus, I'll have to go after the cheap breakfast burrito.

It's not a bad consolation prize, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Any other items on the agenda..?

The 28 Metro bus from Century City to Figueroa is KING, fellas.   Not only that, but I could presumably use the same bus to go to some Korean BBQ places if I really needed to, but that seems silly to do unless I planned heavy drinking.  The only issue is the frequency... only every 30 minutes.  You have to time it just right, but last night the buses ran on time.

I'd love to have some Korean BBQ down the road.  It's been a long while.  The primary problem is you usually need a big group to make the most of the tiny grill you use for the meat.  Once you get all that going it's a great scene, but it might be a while before I can get a half a dozen buddies to go to Korean BBQ.

I've been posting a few Lakers clips on Facebook this week and they are getting zero response.    Dang.   I suppose all I've been doing is annoying people with those clips.  Then I see some lady pee and moan about her annoyances and it gets 30 likes.   Go figure.

Hopefully I have more to come tomorrow... for now, time to jet and get some breakfast!  I'll be back tomorrow...

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