Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: March 5th

Really exciting to see that Jeff Carter got a hat trick last night in the Kings game against Nashville.   Really cool moment.  How about the timing of a hat trick on a HAT GIVEAWAY night!   Is that a do the dance moment or what?

If I was at the game, I would have been happy to throw my hat into the rink, but I would have probably been throwing it from the top level, 10 rows up... I don't even know if it'd make it to the lower level.  What a great game for Jeff Carter!

The Kings won the game last night 5-1.  Tonight, they get the extremely rare back to back home game against the Blues.  All three of these teams are in a jumble for the lower half of the Western Conference Standings.  One point separates about half a dozen teams from 5th to 10th.  It's outrageous!

Even if the Kings lose, splitting these back to back games was big time.   Really happy they got to take down the Preds after being frustrated by them all year.  

This feels like a good day for a sub sandwich, or maybe a hoagie... something like that.   Jersey Mike's could fit the bill, but on the other  hand, I can always wait until the weekend.  

Not much on my mind today.   It got cold again, sadly.  I went for a swim last night in the cold, somewhat breezy air.   That was nuts.

One of the crazy things about music is that your favorite groups never go away, unless one of the members die or some other enormous ego-trip.   Yes, ZZ Top, Styx, the B-52's... a concert program of days gone by, no!  That's who's on the bill at tickemaster.com, coming soon go a stage near you.

When do you get to the point that a group is a has-been in music?  I noticed Weezer and Green Day were also on tour, but I still consider both groups to be relevant.   My thinking is if you go about 15-20 years without a big hit on the pop charts or even a new album, you become a "has-been."

I might even use a smaller litmus of 10-15 years, but either way, a decade plus without a relevant dent in the music scene and I think that qualifies a band as a "former great" and not a "current great."  So far, Weezer and Green Day are safe.  The tricky one is U2.  Has anyone heard a new song from U2 in the last 9 years?

The recent Evernote hack-job really gave me the willies.  Something like millions of people using an Evernote Dropbox account had to re-set their password.  This is serious news for those of us in the I.T. industry.   Especially those organizations, not naming names, with inadequate in-house storage facilities.  Some companies have turned to Dropbox for a convenient easy to use, safe, relatively secure file resource.  It's wonderfully integrated into any operating system, and even mobile devices.   I hope the industry doesn't panic too much and then suddenly bail on Dropbox.  It's been a dream for a number of administrators.

The only issue with Dropbox that I've seen is granular permissions, which I think could be more comprehensive, and the inability to operate more than one dropbox account at a time on the desktop, but usually the latter is addressed by simply sharing a folder from Account 1 with Account 2.

Well.... I'm sad to report that Kansas never got the #1 ranking in College Basketball this year.  With that said, I am undeterred.  They *will* win the Big 12 tournament and you can write that in stone on the top of a mountain.

So!  They may get a good seed in the tournament yet.  I still consider them a nicely balanced team and Ben McElmore is a *fun* player to watch.  The way it's going in College Basketball this year, why *not* Kansas?   Now that they're a bit of an underdog they could be fired up!

You'd think ESPN Radio Los Angeles would be buzzing about the Carter hat trick, but I turned the radio on this morning and all they talked about was Kobe and Ibaka and the Lakers/Thunder game.  On and on with the Lakers.  I like the Lakers, but they can't use 3 minutes to highlight a pretty epic night for Jeff Carter?  Wouldn't that be reasonable for local sports radio?

I don't know what all the fuss is about, the Thunder HAVE THEIR WAY with the Lakers.  The Lakers put together one good game and beat them earlier this year at Staples, but at OKC, no chance.   I'd be very surprised if the Lakers won tonight.  That's why they play the games, though!

People out here have been so excited about the Lakers possible run to the playoffs, only to be quickly sobered by how many of the first round matchups would be abysmal for this old, slow, awful perimeter defensive team.   Already last night we calculated that Denver would be an awful matchup for the Lakers, just awful.  We also concluded LAL/Oklahoma City is as good as a bye week for the Thunder.   The Clippers have manhandled the Lakers in each of their matchups so far.  Really it boils down to this:  If the Lakers can face the Spurs in the first round, they have a chance.  Anyone else they play presents very long odds.

Pretty soon the offseason will provide the answers.  For now, I'll take my peanut butter/jelly sandwich and soak in whats left over.  It's been a good run for the Lake Show!  Interesting, if nothing else.

That's all from here, have a good morning.   'Til tomorrow!

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