Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: March 21st

What a game last night in Anaheim!   Blackhawks/Ducks.  I was really impressed with the Hawks going into the 3rd period.  Then they gave up two goals... then the Ducks put in an empty netter.  Ducks won 5-2.  Oiiiiii...

If you were a girl, and a guy called you "shorty," would you be flattered?   Or would you go "I'm not short!  I'm 5'8"!!"

Why is it called chili when it's served hot?  Usually it's spicy too.

The other day I get a flyer ad from Directv.  They're offering new customers the choice package for $29.99 for 12 months.   What a bunch of jokers... so if I just cancelled right now and called Directv back, I'd get the deal for 30 bones a month?  Yet, if I just stay on I'd have to sign an act of congress to get the bill below 80?  What kind of universe is this?!

Here's my Final Four for the NCAA Tournament, in case anyone missed it:  Gonzaga, Indiana, Kansas, and Michigan State.  Some chalk in there, but I'll take the chance.

Did you all know that the people on ABC's "Splash" show were training at Rose Bowl Aquatics in Pasadena?  It's right next to the Rose Bowl.  Geez, and it looked like some other swim programs were going on at the same time.  To think, I could have been swimming there on a random day and all those semi famous people could have been there.

I wonder what Brent Musberger is thinking this week?

He's probably thinking "I hope they don't throw in the mustard this time, I hate the mustard.  I love this coffee.  What's the point spread for the Louisville game?"

I'm saddened to see that Brad Benson's idiot son tarnished an already seedy name like "Brad Benson."  My buddy "Brad Bensons Ad Agency" on the message boards is right to request a name change.  He is now "The Agency."   I like it!

I followed Norm MacDonald on Twitter expecting a few zingers.  All I've gotten from him, in the several months he's been on Twitter, is golf updates, and the most unusual war ever against Bible Freaks and the scriptures.  The worst part is, none of his tweets are funny.  He must use it as a release to say unfunny things where elsewhere in life, he cannot.

Now Norm wants to quit twitter, or he could be pulling a fast one and he's being sarcastic.  Norm MacDonald was funnier when he wasn't so serious.

The Captain and I have a running bet this year for MLB... I like the Rays for the AL East.  He likes the Blue Jays.  Whoever has more wins gets a free meal at Chipotle.  Ergo, if the Rays get more wins than the Blue Jays, I win!  If the Jays win more, Captain wins.   This will be a great running bet all year long...

I can appreciate people who want to establish a different personality on a certain platform than they otherwise would have.  For example.. you do two radio shows.  One show is a sports show... you're riled up, you're bombastic, you make big opinions, you have a lot to say.  The second show is a food show.  What if you don't want to be loud and opinionated?  On the food show you can be relaxed, calm, and noncommittal on subjects, simply taking in what life gives you.  You're almost two different people on these two shows.  It might not be for everyone though, and if people who know your first persona try the other show it probably leads to disappointment, but it's all part of the game.

Twitter would have been the perfect medium for Mitch Hedberg.   R.I.P. Mitch.  I might have said this once before.

Good luck to all the swimmers out there at the NCAA National Championships!  There are a lot of big names out there, but I hope everyone swims fast and does well.

Short entry today, I believe that's all I have.  Have a good time with the games, everyone!

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