Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 1st



I want so badly to unfollow @theroyalhalf (a Kings Fan Blog/Twitter) because he is such a troll with the other teams.   I can't... his tweets and retweets are so funny!

Stanley Cup Playoffs: What a bonehead loss for the Kings yesterday.  I'm glad to say that they did a tremendous job staying in it despite getting outworked the whole game.  Then in the overtime, Quick wastes too much time trying to clear the puck... behind the net... on a DOUBLE MINOR POWER PLAY IN OVERTIME.   That was curtains.  Blues win in OT 2-1.

Quick has done so much, I'm not going to get too hard on him for this.   The Kings are defending Stanley Cup Champions anyway.   That was Game 1.  The Stanley Cup Playoffs were intense.

Didn't anyone else like "Today's Special?"  I grew up on that show.  The lady comes into work at a Department Store and takes the mannequin upstairs to the childrens section.  Then, like magic, it turns into a real guy!  Strangely, the security guy happens to be a muppet.   I know they preach diversity in Canada but now they're getting synthetic fabrics into the mix.  It's a scene!

That was a good show.   Thank you so much, Nickelodeon, for rebroadcasting it for us in the States.

In other countries, especially British ones, they call the USA "the States" for short.  Sounds like something I would do.  In fact it is something I would do.  Who knew??

Everybody's moving.  People getting new jobs, people getting new apartments, people moving from place to place all the time... even the Subway sandwich shop in Westwood Village is moving somewhere after 25 years.

I'm moving to Coach's apartment soon.  He has a vacancy for a room mate and I thought it would be worth the extra savings and better location in Santa Monica.

I'm not sure *what* it means for the podcast.  I hope I can find room for the equipment over in the new apartment.  We'll see, right?

I tried Lucille's last night..  Lucille's was pretty good by the way.   Barbecue place... interesting appetizers.  Way too much sauce on their pulled pork, though.  I also think Jim's barbecue is better than Lucilles... it might be the quality of the meat that makes the difference at Jim's, but Lucille's is not bad AT ALL.

Rangers game tonight:  I have no comments.  In fact, I'll take it a step further and I won't log onto the message boards when the game starts.

I may soon institute "Steak Monday" thanks to the great steak specials at Ralphs on Monday evenings.  Somehow they charge some boffo good deals like $4.88 or something a pound for a NY Steak.  Usually the filet goes about 9 bones.   Grill that bad boy on the stove, and I don't bother with the stove searing deal, that's for jokers... all I do is heat the stove on medium-high heat, put in a coating of veggie oil, and just grill the thing on each side.   Seasoning is just salt and pepper... nothing more.  These items combine to create a simple, great steak.  No frills in the preparation but very satisfying for the price.  Consider that you could be paying five times that for the same steak at a restaurant.

I just use a regular frying pan... I can imagine an even better outcome when grilling the steak on a gas grill, or over charcoal.

Ooh!  I remember one time a guy had a huge chunk of meat, probably tri tip, on a circle grill at a nearby apartment.  It was over the wall in another building, but seeing that I'm on the second floor, I had a decent look at his grill.  The meat was huge and it just smelled so great.

I tried cooking tri tip in an oven, as grocery stores would suggest.   It's not the same.  The outer crust needs a true flame to broil and sear the edges correctly.  It just doesn't have the same feel, the same juice, without an open flame.  Now the oven tri tip is not bad!  It just doesn't have exactly the same texture that feels like home.

You know what?  This is a good time for a cookie.  It's also a good time for a podcast.  Good thing we have one tonight.  Hope this blog was able to entertain you.  Til tomorrow...

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