Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dave's LOCK of the Week: September 17th

It's a very tough week to pick football games, so this week just one game.

Only ONE game!

This week we have Arizona at home against Cal.   Anu Solomon is simply a wonderful quarterback.   At home Arizona has been great so far, and I think a bunch of people are overvaluing Cal.  Some people got the message and brought the line up to 10.5 which is how I played it.  Since then, some more hype for Cal brought the line *back* down to 9 points.  That's a missed opportunity by me.

I think Cal's an improved team, in fact, maybe a well improved team, but it's not enough to take the Wildcats at home.  I like them big!   Arizona -10.5.

That is all!   There were some other fun ones like Oregon -24 at Washington State, and Alabama -14.5 at home against Florida.   None of them are slam dunks so just one LOCK of the week.  Good luck to U of A!

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