Monday, September 15, 2014

Podcast Picks Results - Week 2: It's a Dead Heat! John rebounds.

For Week 2, John is the winner at 3-1.  Ron had a losing week at 1-3, and both Andy and Ottis hold steady with 2-2 for the week.  Here's the breakdown.

John in CT (3-1)
Hit with TCU, Bills, and Patriots.
Missed with South Florida.

Say Hello to Ottis (2-2)
Hit with Missouri and East Carolina.
Missed with Seahawks and Lions.

Andy in Seattle (2-2)
Hit with South Carolina and the Bills.
Missed with Utah State and the Seahawks.

Ron in NJ (1-3)
Hit with Cardinals -2
Missed with Louisville, Louisiana Lafayette, and Lions.

So, after two weeks, everybody is tied in the standings!  Here they are:

Ron in NJ: 4-4
John in CT: 4-4
Say Hello to Ottis: 4-4
Andy in Seattle: 4-4

A four way tie for first!   However, what I've done is arrange for several tiebreakers to determine who ranks above who.  Here's the breakdown of the tiebreakers in order:

  1. Winner of the most individual weeks to date.  This week John had the best week in picks so he wins week 2.  Ron won week 1.   At the moment THIS tiebreaker is tied so we proceed.
  2. When both players in first place are tied we go to who had the most split sweeps over the year.  When you go 2-0 in either College or NFL picks for a week, that is a "split sweep."  If this category is tied, we proceed.  A 4-0 total week gives you *two* split sweeps.
  3. In the case where split sweeps are equal, we look at who had best record for the past week.  If this is tied we proceed. 
  4. If both persons have the same record for the week, we go to the person with the most split sweeps that particular week.  
  5. If the above scenario were to occur, a 1 in 123943295832532325 chance of occurring, LOL, we will decide by coin flip as determined by the 'Cow.   
  6. At season's end, if there is such a tie, we can try to assign a Bowl Game "wager-off" for which either party will go head-to-head.  If the game is a push or no-action, we'll just give both guys the same place in the standings.

So, we have quite a nice setup so far… very competitive field.   On to Week 3!

Update:  I will also implement the "wager-off" if we 

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