Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: September 10th

LOCKS of the Week!  (boom!!)  Week 3.

0-2 last week.  0-4 the week before, we are now 0-6 to start the year.  Due for ONE to hit, let's go:

Here's our four LOCKS.  First, we have Central Michigan +7 against Syracuse.  Central Michigan looked great on the road at Purdue and Syracuse might be a little overvalued.   Central Michigan is also at HOME.  Syracuse usually struggles to score points, but we haven't looked closely at their new recruits.  Nevertheless, getting 7 points at home to such a weak team is odd.   I expect good things from the Chippewas.

Next!  Oklahoma.  -20.5 at home against Tennessee.  This isn't a total slam dunk, as Tennessee is lookin' good lately, but the fact remains, the physical talents and speed on the Sooners will out-do that of the Vols.   OU has been a good cover team at home over the years, and early in the season is the best time to pounce.  Just look at what they did at Tulsa a week ago!  Total domination.   The QB matchup is a sure advantage for the Sooners with Trevor Knight.

Lastly, we have Bowling Green +7.5 at home against Indiana.   The most important part of LOCKS this week is that we took home teams.  Last week we took a chance that we thought we had in the bag, and it was Michigan State at Oregon.   Their second half was major disappointment.   We also got a little cocky taking Alabama on a *neutral* field and UCLA at Charlottesville.  This week, back to basics:  three home teams, and value picks.

In addition, we decided to pick Colorado +16 at home against Arizona State.   This will **not** count towards the LOTW standings.  I'll have some fun with this though.  This is both a home team AND a value pick.   Colorado's offensive line is getting better, and Arizona State just can't be trusted with such tactical mismanagement by Head Coach Todd Graham.  This will be a fun watch.

There it is!  LOCKS for the week of September 10th.   Back at it again next week.

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