Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dodgers Bullpen Tracker: 1-1

A way to express Dodger fans frustration with a generally awful, well mostly awful, actually incredibly, historically, amazingly, stupendously awful bullpen is to just break down all the bullpen losses the bullpen costs the Dodgers from this stretch run of the season through the postseason.  The Dodgers clinched a postseason berth last weekend.

So here's how "bullpen tracker" will work for the Dodgers this season.  When any Dodgers game is tied or close from the 6th inning on, we'll count it for our bullpen tracker.  If the Dodgers win the game, we'll give the bullpen a win, if they lose, we'll give them a loss.  Then we'll write a quick synopsis of how the Dodgers blew the game.  The bullpen *won* actually on Sunday, the best performance of the bullpen to date since they were responsible for the entire game, all 9 innings.  I'd like to be generous and award them a win despite the game not meeting the qualifications.  So!  The Dodgers Bullpen tracker is currently 1-1.

Last night, the bullpen was not really responsible for the loss.  The Dodgers were incredibly inept at the plate after the 8th inning and had I believe 3 baserunners at most.   The bullpen, for what it is, did a pretty good job keeping the Dodgers in the game, although in the process they gave up a lot of baserunners themselves and needed a spectacular throw from Yasiel Puig to not blow the game back in the 11th, but overall, they made it all the way to the 13th which could be enough to win a game at home, but last night it did not work out.  Kevin Correia was thrown in there at the end chucking batting practice fastballs and Andrew Susac walloped it into left field for the go ahead single.  Ultimately, the bullpen hung in there, finding a way to keep the game going for a good six innings after Haren had 7 innings.

Quite a game last night, but the Dodgers were the loser.   We'll update bullpen tracker again tomorrow, if necessary.

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