Monday, September 22, 2014

LOCKS of the Week Result: 0-1, Season Total: 2-8

Only one game picked last week, and in all honesty, I was happy to lay low.   The game I picked was Arizona -10.5 and it did not come close to hitting.  It was just a crazy week, and that was just a crazy game.  Arizona and Cal came down to a hail mary pass at the end by Arizona's Anu Solomon which *connected* for a last second Wildcats win!  A true sight to see.

…but no, Arizona didn't cover, and thankfully it was the only damage in a very topsy turvy week in College Football.  The NFL was equally unpredictable from a wagering standpoint, hence my continued non-participation in NFL LOCKS of the Week.

We'll try to get back on the winning track next week, stay with us!

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