Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DITCOW Podcast Picks: September 10th

Week 2 of podcast picks!  We'll start with our leader Ron.
Ron in NJ 
Louisville -6.5 at Virginia
Louisiana Lafayette +27 at Ole Miss
Cardinals -2 at Giants
Lions +3 at Panthers
Say Hello to Ottis 
Missouri -10 at UCF
ECU +11 at VaTech
Seahawks -6 at Chargers
Lions +3 at Panthers
John in CT
TCU -13.5 vs Minnesota
South Florida +1.5 vs NC State
Bills +1 vs Dolphins
Patriots -3.5 at Vikings
UPDATE:  Andy adds his picks to the contest.  Here they are:
Andy in Seattle
South Carolina +6.5 vs Georgia
Utah State -15 vs Wake Forest
Bills +1 vs Dolphins
Seahawks -6 at Chargers
Some checkers on checkers this week (common picks).   Good luck to all the picks!

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