Wednesday, September 3, 2014

DITCOW Podcast Picks - John, Andy, Ron, AND Ottis: September 3rd

Here are the podcast picks for our panelists as delivered on the @DITCOW podcast:

John in CT

Colorado -17.5
Mich. St +11.5

Bears -7 (vs BUF)
Titans +4 (at KC)

Andy in Seattle

South Carolina -16.5 vs ECU
Colorado State +10.5 at Boise St.

Eagles -11 vs JAX
Lions -6 vs NYG

Ron in NJ

SDSU +16.5
Missouri -3.5
Stanford -2.5*
VaTech +11 at Ohio State*

Steelers -7
Chargers +3

*bonus picks, which won't be counted towards the season standings.  I'll check with Ron to see which of the four college games he wants as his picks of record, so the picks that count are subject to change.

UPDATE: Ron has selected SDSU and Missouri as his official picks, w/ the Stanford and VaTech games as the bonus picks.

SECOND UPDATE (Sept. 5th): The OAT MAN has joined our pick'em pool!  Here are his podcast picks for this week.  We will post them just in time before the games start.

Say Hello to Ottis 

Ohio State -11
Missouri -3.5

Vikings +3.5
Bears -7

Good luck to all!

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